Digital events in Moscow from January 21 to 27

    A selection of key events for the week

    "Brain" - intellectual bar-Olympiad

    • January 23 (Wednesday) - January 27 (Sunday)
    • Leningradsky Prospect 15c1
    • 500 r.
    • “Brain” is an intellectual bar-Olympiad.
      A question and answer game, like “What? Where? When? ”, But much more fun and takes place in cafes and bars. All that is needed for the game - a little bit of knowledge from a little bit from everywhere, levity and courage, and, of course, the team. If you do not have a team, you will find a place in another - just write in the “ Brain search ” or directly to the organizers. This is a great reason to make new friends.

    There are also games for beginners, with simple questions and without experienced rivals. The most is to try.

    How is the game:

    • 2, 5 hours.
    • from 2 to 9 people in the team.
    • 39 questions.
    • 7 rounds: musical, cinema, about Russia and the CIS, about the facts, a blitz tour, a difficult tour “The Market of the Brain” and a surprise tour.

    Michael Kuchment at BellClub

    • January 23 (Wednesday)
    • New Square 6
    • 10 000 r.
    • The first guest of BellClub in 2019 will be the co-owner, head of the supervisory board of Sovcombank and the founder of the furniture network Hoff businessman Mikhail Kuchment. Before doing business, Mikhail made a successful managerial career, but in 2008 he decided to leave the post of commercial director of M.Video network in order to build a new retail business. The idea of ​​competing with IKEA may seem extravagant, and launching a new business in the crisis year of 2008 may be completely insane. But in the six years since its creation, the Hoff network has increased its revenue to 26 billion rubles and entered the rating of the 500 largest Russian companies. More than 15% of the business now accounts for online sales.

    Irina Khakamada. Restart Reboot!

    • January 23 (Wednesday)
    • Garnet lane. 7c1
    • 3 250 r.
    • Irina Khakamada offers you her experience and knowledge: she will tell you about her own successful and uncomplicated projects, about her restart button, sources of inspiration and energy, about her motivation and how to start over!

    Product MeetUP # 4

    • January 24 (Thursday)
    • Gun lane 41
    • is free
    • Grocery mitap on web and mobile analytics. Speakers from leading companies will tell you how to maximize company revenue with data analysis. Passing through the lists, registration closes on the 21st.

    Order in life: from the closet to the head

    • January 24 (Thursday)
    • Vozdvizhenka 4 / 7c1
    • is free
    • Every person's life is filled with a variety of events, deeds, sensations. States change, you have to make important decisions. Day by day we build our own, sorry for high-powered, fate. "One third of life to the question" how are you? "I answered the same:" I bring life in order. " At the meeting, I will talk about how I began the process of setting up my life, who helped me and what changes it entailed. ”

    Fashion magazines

    • January 24 (Thursday)
    • Stoleshnikov Lane 9c5
    • is free
    • The author's lecture on fashion magazines from the editor of Vogue with 15 years of experience working in gloss - Anna Verkholantseva.

    Sergey Popov: New discoveries in space that change our lives

    • January 24 (Thursday)
    • Ermolaevsky lane 25
    • 1 750 р.
    • Together with astoriphysicist Sergey Popov, we will learn about the most interesting and promising discoveries in space and see how they influence and change our lives.

    It's a fiasco, bro!

    • January 24 (Thursday)
    • 1st Kozhevnichesky per. 6c1
    • is free
    • Already on January 24 at 19:00 at the site of the Fintech Lab, teams will perform with “non-success” stories in the format of a ten-minute pitch.

    REAL Pitch: practical tips on getting investments for startups

    • January 26 (Saturday)
    • Bersenevsky per. 2c1
    • From 1,200 r.
    • At the meeting you will learn:
      • 10 simple tips on how to prepare presentation and investment documents;
      • Structure and types of presentations for investors and potential customers;
      • How to make an offer for an investor in one evening;
      • Let's sort the cases of the participants of the event.

    SimCity for Jane: How does cyber urbanism work?

    • January 26 (Saturday)
    • Leningradsky prospect 17
    • is free
    • At the lecture, we will look at the projects of modern urbanists who turned to video games to study the problems of the city and to involve local communities in the creation of a “city of people”.

    Hackathon PhotoHack from Photo Lab

    • January 26 (Saturday) - January 27 (Sunday)
    • Bersenevskaya Embankment 6s3
    • is free
    • Already in the beginning of 2019 there will be a hackathon for designers, web developers and creatives PhotoHack. Challenge for you and your team - within two days to develop a web service for photo / video effects that will conquer the whole world. The prize fund is 1.2 million rubles.

    Intensive on the basics of critical thinking

    • January 27 (Sunday)
    • Yauzskaya street 5
    • 1,500 r.
    • Truth is born in a dispute, the main thing is to learn to argue correctly. In fact, to critically argue and argue your opinion is not so difficult, you just need to know the rules of the game. As in Greek debates, in modern debates, the themes may be different, but the laws of critical thinking do not change. Let us analyze them in the “philosophical” intensive, consisting of two parts.

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