[Ask - answer] about intellectual property and data protection

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This is a post in the "buffet" format, where you are invited to ask questions on legislation in IP and IT. The patent attorney of the Russian Federation and an international lawyer are responsible with the support of the team.


On which topics it makes sense to ask questions:

  • Trademarks (they are trademarks) in Russia and abroad - from registration to the courts
  • Patents in Russia and abroad - namely, patents in the field of IT (electronics and software)
  • Copyright (copyright) - in particular, protection and protection of programs and databases
  • Laws on personal and other data (including the great and terrible GDPR)
  • UDRP (domain disputes), DMCA (removal of content), RKN (blocking sites)
  • Software development and licensing from a legal perspective

Rules of the game:

  1. We will try to answer all the questions, but this may not be immediate.
  2. This is not legal advice - it is unethical to analyze specific situations in the public.
  3. We also do not like copywriters who are ! = Normal guys, protecting their rights

Please ask.

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From the comments: “I would like to hear about the legal pitfalls of the GPL, MIT, BSD, Apache, Mozilla, etc., in relation to our Russian realities”

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