A mobile application is being created in Russia to register an accident

    The government of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft resolution that will simplify the processing of documents on accidents to receive payments on OSAGO. In particular, the accident notice for the insurer can be sent electronically through a special mobile application (MPS). The draft government decree was made available to the newspaper Vedomosti.

    Currently, the accident notice for the insurer is submitted on the form. If the procedure becomes electronic, then the registration on OSAGO is extremely simplified. Roughly speaking: collided with another car - sent a message from the smartphone and drove on.

    We are talking about the use of the so-called Euro Protocol, when the accident is made without the participation of the police.

    In Russia, the europrotocol began to operate from July 1, 2015. It is used in cases when two cars are involved in the collision, insured by MTPL, drivers have policies with them, and the amount of damage does not exceed 100,000 rubles. In addition, participants should not have differences in the circumstances of the accident. From October 2018, as an experiment in Moscow, St. Petersburg and their regions, the limit of damage under CTP has been increased to 400,000 rubles

    The fact of the development of the resolution was confirmed by the director of the ministry’s e-government development department of the ministry, Alexey Gorobtsov, and confirmed by the representative of the Central Bank. Developed by the Ministry of Communications and the Central Bank.

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