Mizulina offers to protect Russian children from the harmful effects of online video games

    imageThe measure of morality and the guardian of spiritual bonds of Russian citizens, Elena Borisovna Mizulina returns to the legislative battlefield with a new initiative - to protect Russian children from "bad" online video games. In general, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation believes that children should be fenced off from games where violence is present, scenes of violence, propaganda of the negative image of Russia and where extremist materials are contained. Words of the esteemed mother of Russia: “It is absolutely clear that all such products must be age-marked and safe for the mental and moral health of children.” How Ms. Mizulina reacted to the fact that even without her initiative all games have age restrictions is not reported.

    It would have been no good for Roskomnadzor not to have a furry hand on a similar topic. Alexander Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor, shared with the public plans to regulate the online games segment. Together with Roskomnadzor, the Internet Development Fund (SU domain administrator) and St. Petersburg State University are working in their sweat . Words by the head of Roskomnadzor about plans for the future:
    “Roskomnadzor is working with experts from the Internet Development Fund, St. Petersburg State University and other organizations to develop approaches to regulating this issue (online games - approx.“ Lenti.ru ”). But we are doing this very carefully and delicately and are not ready to voice specifics yet ”

    The head of Roskomnadzor also advised how difficult it is even to identify terrorists by wiretapping in your Europe, because:
    “In Paris, terrorists organized their communications not only through encrypted messengers, but, as far as I know, through PlayStation 4, where it is impossible to determine whether calls to shoot and kill relate to the events of a virtual game or a real terrorist attack”

    One way or another, a stupid initiative may very soon become a legislative act, and deputies, without putting the matter back on the table, will quickly accept any act containing the word “limit”. How it is supposed to replace upbringing and parental control is unclear. The motive for such educational activities is also unknown, either Ms. Mizulina, together with Zharov, are rating their ratings on such fertile ground as protecting children, or is it something else. We can only hope that at all consultations and meetings there will be at least one person who will offer to protect online games from children, and not vice versa.

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