Huge combat humanoid robot Night Fox II - presentation at the Moscow Art Institute

    There were 13 days left before the Bronotbot 2016 robot battles at the Olympic . It's time to introduce the main robot in the arena - the Night Fox II robot referee. Night Fox will play the role of a judge in the ring - to judge robots in the arena and immediately execute the sentence, throw out the broken ones and put new ones in their place. Remember the big security robots on Robot Wars? This is their older brother.

    The machine is the result of the joint activities of two institutes participating in the Armored Boat-2016 - Moscow Institute of Chemistry and Politics and Moscow Aviation Institute. Therefore, the design is “conversion”, the parts were mainly removed from decommissioned MIGs and SUSHEKs:

    • Height 3.5 m
    • Width 2 m (with arms apart - 4 m)
    • Length 2.5 m
    • Weight 500 kg
    • Tracked mechanism
    • Electric drives
    • Original aircraft seat of a SU fighter
    • Original aircraft instrument panels
    • Air intakes
    • Balloon installation for a flamethrower
    • Air gun (prototype)
    • Helicopter machine gun (prototype)
    • Metal tube
    • Sheet composite
    • Tin
    • Mirror plastic
    • LED lights
    • Car lights and stoplights

    Interesting story of the robot.

    In 2013, a group of enthusiastic students at the Moscow Polytechnical Institute created a robot transformer "Patriot" with a height of 7.5 meters, which was based on parts from an UAZ car. The second walking robot "Gas Holder" was also created, which became the most popular object in view of the possibility for viewers to get into its control cabin. Both robots were presented at the MAKS 2013 International

    Aviation and Space Salon and at the 2013 Seliger Youth Forum. The 2015 Night Fox I project was developed jointly by the Moscow Institute of Art and Industry and the Moscow Aviation Institute for the promotion of stage robots and original aircraft. The first prototype was presented at the MAKS 2015 exhibition. It was a model of a drone, created based on a historical plane "Newpore 17 "with authentic coloring and the emblem of the black fox.

    2016 Night Fox II was created for presentations and shows, control is carried out from the cab by the operator or remotely from the control panel. The robot is equipped with powerful aircraft weapons, a flamethrower, hydraulics and has a proprietary combat color. The inspiration for its creation was the famous film about bikers “Sons of Anarchy”, created by analogy with the famous American club “Angels of Hell”, the founders of which were pilots of fighters and bombers of World War II. The logo of a flying skull with wings was taken as a basis from combat aircraft.

    Now we proceed directly to the presentation.

    At the entrance, you could hang out in a robotics club, where children teach you how to assemble robots and fight them.

    Before the start of the MAI-shniki rolled out their robots on the podium, your last year’s robot DRAC may attract your attention.

    And here is the familiar robot Solarbotanov .

    After our reporting, the number of teams doubled:

    Note that all of these frames are the premises of the institute, that is, they really study here and receive state diplomas. All the walls to the ceiling are painted with signs of anarchy and skulls, and the audience is located right in the middle of the former caramel workshop. Honestly, I've been imagining an institution all my life as the exact opposite.

    It’s time to start the show - they started with robots, sorry didn’t shoot them properly, but on the frames you can see a cool home-made helicopter, which, it seems, doesn’t have a hull or frame at all - all the elements are attached economically to a flat supporting frame.

    And here is the head of all MAISH robotics Vitaly Polyansky - this is his team who made a giant robot and now they are making a combat robot for the arena. The report from their workshop should be the most striking - after all, they have half of the real MIG-23 there, which they naturally disassemble for details for their combat robot. In a word, an important person for domestic robotics, I will write more about him in the next post.

    Well, you can start:

    You can look at the fashionable component on the Moscow Art Institute’s website, and I, with photographers, go to the robot behind the scenes. Here, the first thing we come across is the ICPI rector Alexei Egorov in the womb of a giant. He looks to match his institute.

    In general, the robot did nothing for the referee:

    It looks great.

    The creators of the robot are also good:

    And we can see all this live on February 21-23 in the Olympic at the robot battles Bronotebot 2016 . By the way, despite the size of the Olympic tickets, less than half is left.

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