Travel to space: Russia is preparing for space tourism


    How much humanity exists, so much it dreams to plow the boundless expanses of outer space. They have been exploring space for more than 50 years, and a lot has happened during this time. If at first such flights were financed by the state , and closed institutes and defense enterprises were engaged in the development, then in the 1990s they became interesting to ordinary people and private companies. Over the past 15 years, dozens of companies making money on the space dream have appeared. The private industry acquired rockets and spaceships, began to sell tickets for flights. Space from a feat turns into a service.

    In Russia, CosmoCurs LLC is striving to make space tourism a mass entertainment . Pavel Pushkin, CEO of the company, who will introduce visitors toan innovative project at ISF 2016 , he says that there is no need to declare the availability of space tourism in the country yet: “Only eight people visited space as tourists, but they flew into orbit, lived on the ISS. They went through dozens of examinations and paid tens of millions of dollars. We provide for suborbital flights. ” 

    For this, CosmoCourse creates a reusable suborbital space complex. An excursion to the height of Gagarin’s orbit along an open path is made using a reusable suborbital launch vehicle and a reusable suborbital spacecraft.

    Those who wish to go on such a voyage must undergo three-day training and a medical examination. Together with six other sightseers, you can make a 15-minute flight. The state of zero gravity will last no more than six minutes.
    During this time, you can move inside the cabin, observing the Earth from space in a personal window. Astronauts in such cases like to play with food and water.

    The suborbital space complex is equipped with new options that allow it to be used more than once. This provides a reliable and safe flight scheme with multi-level parry during an accident.

    The company plans to bring the safety of such space tours to the level of passenger aviation. But it will be later, and direct commercial launches will start in 2020. Well, look forward to it.

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