Raspberry PI Zero Confirms ENC28J60 Ethernet Module

Original author: alex
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One of the authors of the resource RASPI.TV laid out a brief instruction on connecting a well-known module for working on a local network.

The circuit looks quite trivial and does not use any additional elements in the connecting cables.

General view of the devices in assembly.

To work, you need to enable SPI and add it to / boot / config. txt

After the reboot, the network card should work "by default", in the original text there are subtle settings for a particular module. The connection speed on the Raspberry PI Zero is about 3 Mbps - for iot-devices it should be more than enough.

The author of the text is surprised that judging by the datasheet, the module should not work, because It requires much more power than the limit of 60 milliamps, which the microcomputer issues on the 3v line, but sources close to RPI have unofficially confirmed the performance of the board with this adapter.

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