Modern technology eliminates snoring: Nora's non-invasive system

    In the photo, Nora looks like a cobblestone that is truly once and for all able to solve the problem of a snoring person. But in reality, this is not so. Nora is a smart system that solves the problem of snoring without the need for any kind of manipulation of a person who snores. Neither masks, nor adhesives, nor anything else are needed. At the same time, Nora practically does not stand out in the bedroom - you will not notice it until you know what it is and what it is for.

    The fact that the photograph is only one part of the system. There is a second part, which is located under the pillow. How does it all work? Let's get a look. By the way, on Kickstarter the campaign raised 7.5 times more money than planned. This alone indicates the desire of a huge number of people to get rid of snoring.

    Principle of operation

    The developers declare the following advantages of the system:
    • Non-invasive;
    • Quiet
    • Smart (works in conjunction with a smartphone);
    • Portable
    • It works in any position of the human body;
    • Works with any pillow.

    The second part of the system is located under any type of pillow, and it works anyway - a person is sleeping on his back or on his stomach, side. And yes, there is no electronics in this thing, so you can not be afraid of electromagnetic radiation, which in any way affects the quality of sleep (people who fear electromagnetic radiation more than it seems).

    All electronics are located in the control module, which includes a portable pump that pumps air into the second part of Nora.

    Finally, here is the answer to how the system works.

    The external module houses a sound and vibration detector that works on a certain kind of sounds - snoring. The pump starts to inflate the pillow insert. The human body catches head movements when the insert is inflated, nasopharyngeal muscles contract. It is these muscles that, relaxing, lead to the fact that the air cannot normally pass, creating vibrations that we hear like snoring.

    The device really works, it was tested by a team of volunteers monitored by doctors. Sound sensors were installed in the bedrooms of the volunteers. The result is this:

    If you want, Nora can be configured in such a way that it will respond to a sound of a certain force that wakes up a second person - a wife, husband, friend or girlfriend and (if any, of course).

    Here is a record that you can listen to, having received the impression of the device.

    Nora comes with a mobile app that lets you control your system’s settings.

    As far as you can understand, only iOS is supported so far, but plans to add support for Android in the near future. After a while, developers will add integration with Apple HealthKit.

    How much is it?

    Now on Kickstarter, the system can be ordered for $ 239, but after the sale, this anti-snoring system will cost $ 299.

    Note: Nora is a device that is not yet on sale. Noad is also not in the range of the Dadget company.

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