The reasons for the blocking of Reddit by Roskomnadzor in the territory of the Russian Federation

    Well, actually, it’s the turn of Reddit, one of the largest social-news communities in the world. This was already reported in the news by user ragequit . The lock arrived due to a post in Russian containing a manual for growing psilocybin-containing hallucinogenic mushrooms. Moreover, the publication itself was a deliberate provocation of a Russian-speaking user with the nickname rsocfan . The idea was to force Roskomnadzor to block a popular resource and thereby draw attention to the problem of these laws. At the moment, the user has only three posts - the first one is about mushrooms, the other two are about locks. The user achieved the most blocking of the resource within 2 years, encountering a clear reluctance to block the polar site.

    Today Reddit was blocked in Russia, and I am the one who posted this post which lead to this.

    In Russia, there is a law which allow Roskomnadzor, Russian censorship agency, to block any website without court rulling. Two years ago I tested how RKN react to abuse on popular websites / crazy abuses. On of that websites was Reddit.

    One thing I learned is that RKN doesn't want to block popular websites. They respond me that this content is illegal and they blocked it, but they weren't. It was on 05/21/2013. On 10st Aug 2015 they posted a call to help them contact Reddit administration to official VK page. Funny thing, but they called Psilocybe a plant. Several hours ago they reported that Reddit is blocked in Russia. Seems like things changed.

    How Reddit is blocked? Fully. As Reddit switched to HTTPS, there is no way to block special page.

    Will I remove this post? No. I also think that Reddit administration needs to do nothing. This is important issue on freedom of speech, and only RKN want to violate it.

    BTW, this post is a guide for indoor growing Psilocybe mushrooms in Russian. I'm not sure if any people saw this before blocking, but if you are here and you can read Russian, now you know to grow some shrooms, thanks to RKN.

    The post about mushrooms at the moment gives an error of 403. And only if you exit directly from the ip registered in Russia. Through a proxy opens. Probably, the administration of the resource is trying in this way to avoid a conflict with the local legislation of the Russian Federation, closing the content for certain countries. It can be assumed that the lock will be released soon. Maybe. I will not give screenshots. Alas, this is already prohibited by the Federal Drug Control Service.

    At the moment, locks have not yet been deployed by all providers, but some users have already noted MitM attempts with certificate substitution. For example, the user dal reports a substitution by Transtelecom:


    Reddit works only in https mode, which does not allow blocking individual inconvenient pages. As a result, either a certificate substitution or a complete blocking of the entire resource. The question arises of what the provider should do - try to provide the user access to the resource, albeit with a loss of security, or completely block it, complying with the law.

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