Two Tesla electric cars appeared in the Yandex.Taxi service

    “” reports that starting from the coming Thursday, users of the Yandex.Taxi mobile application will be able to order an Tesla S-series electric car for their trip. Anonymous sources told Yandex about this to the journalist. According to them, two electric cars appeared in the taxi service - Model S and Model S Performance, which are not officially sold in Russia.

    In the near future, Yandex will release a special YandexTesla promotional code, which will be available from July 9 in the updated version of the Yandex.Taxi application. The cost of ordering an electric car will not differ from the cost of a trip by an ordinary car: the option will be available in all tariff classes, including “economy”.

    Today, the head of Yandex mobile software Tigran Khudaverdyanspoke about the features of the updated Yandex.Taxi mobile application. The main innovations will relate to the identity of the service driver. One of these innovations is a test of driver knowledge of spoken Russian. At a certain interval, poems will appear on the smartphone screen that will need to be read aloud. Another important innovation is a psychological test for drivers, according to the results of which it will be possible to conclude that he works in a taxi service and find out his ideas about etiquette. 6% of Yandex.Taxi drivers did not pass the Russian language proficiency test.

    Also, an update in the application will periodically check the appearance of the machine and its readiness for work. For this, the driver of the car with a certain periodicity will have to photograph the car in 10 different angles, and the photos uploaded to the service will be checked by a special robot.

    As of last August, more than 80 Tesla electric vehicles were registered with the Moscow traffic police. The director of one of the companies involved in the sale of electric cars and the development of infrastructure for them, estimates the volume of "gray" supplies of Tesla at 170-180 cars. The mobile operator Yota also takes part in the construction of gas stations.

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