CGPGrey commercials - in Russian (part 1)

Original author: CGPGrey
I have been following CGPGrey "publications" for a long time (a link to his site is at the bottom of the translation text). Despite the crazy popularity of his channel on YouTube, behind all the videos is one person, quite specific, who started his own small channel, and this channel is said to have “exploded”. An ordinary American teacher who moved to England ten years ago and teaches exact sciences, in particular physics at the Lyceum, found an excellent form of presentation: simple, clear and apt! The future comes, no matter what you say: there would be something to say, but there will be listeners (in this case, spectators)!

At some point, I realized that it would make sense to translate the videos into Russian too, so that for many people who do not speak much English, it would be easy to follow the presentation.

So, I bring to your attention five clips. There is no sense in completely translating the voice acting as such, but translating the subtitles turned out to be a good option.

The translation was made by my friend, a wonderful translator, Katya Rosenberg.

Taking this opportunity, I want to ask - are the clips interesting, should I continue the translation work?

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