Deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to block Facebook in Russia


    Vitaly Milonov, a deputy in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, turned to Roskomnadzor with a request to block access to the Facebook social network in the Russian Federation, itreviewer reports .

    The legislator is known to users of the network for his eccentric remarks and sharply negative reaction to everything related to the activities of representatives of the LGBT community. This time, according to Milonov himself, the reason for his appeal to the ILV was the ability to color the profile picture on Facebook in the colors of the flag of the LGBT movement. Functionality became a hit, and it was introduced after the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country.

    “This is a gross violation of Russian law. Facebook has no age restrictions, it is impossible to control how many underage users there are. Therefore, it will be completely normal to cut down Facebook in Russia. Then they for the sake of their god - money for the sake of which they are ready to sell their mother, will immediately fix it, ”said Vitaly Milonov.

    If Roskomnadzor does not block Facebook on its own, Milonov is ready to go with his proposal right up to the president of the Russian Federation.

    This is not the first time Facebook has been loyal to the LGBT community . In February 2014, Mark Zuckenberg added the ability to specify “ custom gender” with more than fifty options to fill out.


    This feature is currently unavailable. Instead, the column “interested” was introduced with two options for choosing “Men / Women”.


    There is a possibility that the functionality of coloring the avatar in the colors of the LGBT flag has been introduced temporarily and the reasons for Vitaly Milonov’s dissatisfaction will disappear with the next update.

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