An extra second will create internet problems

    The reference time diverges from astronomical due to changes in the Earth's rotation speed. Over the past thousand years , a difference of about ten minutes has come . On the night of July 1, 2015, all atomic clocks in the world will stop for one second. The last day of June will last 86401 seconds instead of 86400 - one second more than twenty-four hours.

    Long exposure photo of a starry sky. Ben Canales

    A mechanical watch is not accurate enough to measure the effect of a time difference of this order. Atomic clockdiscovered this problem. Since 1987, the International Earth Rotation Service has been working on this issue, which estimates the angular velocity of the planet's rotation and takes into account the effects of periodic deviations of the earth's axis. The organization calculates the corrections and adds an extra second on December 31 or June 30 each time the difference between the reference time and the astronomical one approaches 0.9 seconds. Since 1972, an extra second has been administered 25 times. Earth

    precession at 1000 years scale:

    In 2012, java applications on the servers of Mozilla Corporation froze due to the addition of an extra second. Two and a half hours of the server did not work as usual. From half an hour to several hours, the sites Yelp, LinkedIn, Gizmodo, FourSquare, Gawker, Amazon and many others did not work.

    Google remained available. Company preparedto this situation. For the servers to work correctly, time must be synchronized and always go ahead. For one second corrections, usually the clock is moved one second back at the end of the day. But this recurring second, a Google blog post, can cause problems. What will happen to the operations that will be performed during this second? Is the email saved exactly? What will happen to all servers? In 2005, with the introduction of the extra second, the servers did not work. Instead of adding a second, Google constantly adjusts the time - for a few milliseconds, that is, enters additional time daily.

    Similarly, prepared for the situationJapanese, Australian, South Korean and Singapore exchanges. In New York, a second will be introduced at eight in the evening local time - the stock exchange will simply be closed by this moment. Nasdaq will stop trading at 7:48 and at 7:55 will be disconnected. Bloomberg


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