Tamagotchi released as an application for Apple Watch


    Bandai Namco, a Japanese video game developer and publisher, has unveiled a version of its classic Tamagotchi game as an app for the Apple Watch .

    For the youngest readers, you may have to clarify - in 1996, two Japanese, Akiro Yokoi from WIZ and Aki Maita from Bandai came up with and started selling a brand new electronic toy, the name of which is derived from two words - the Japanese "tamago" meaning "egg" , and English "watch" - to watch.

    In an egg-shaped toy, the life of an alien creature, which hatched from an egg, grew, developed, and, in the end, died, was full of drama. It gave sound signals to the owner of the toy, who needed to monitor his pet, feed, teach to the potty and clean up the waste of his life, and entertain with simple games. These actions had to be performed using the buttons.


    The game, conceived as teaching young girls to future motherhood, gained incredible popularity, and spawned a cult with an army of fans in addition. By 2010, around the world alone, according to official statistics, 76 million tamagots were sold. The idea of ​​the game was constantly developed and improved, the number of possible interactions with a virtual pet increased.

    In later versions of the game through the infrared port, you can combine two toys with each other, and produce virtual offspring - or connect the game to a computer to interact with special gaming sites. Earning Gotchi Points in games, you can buy various virtual food, toys, accessories and decorations for your pet’s home.

    Classic version of the toy

    By 2009, 44 different official versions of the toy (and countless Chinese clones) were released. In 2013, Bandai released versions of the game for Android and iOS called "Tamagotchi Life", and the next year - the continuation of "Tamagotchi Life Angel".

    Smart watches in theory are ideally suited for such a toy - however, they do not fully convey all its charms due to the limitations that third-party Apple Watch apps are subject to. In particular, there is no character animation, and for some reason you cannot play with it through the clock (only via a smartphone). If you do not have enough constant notifications coming to your wearable device - a pet that constantly needs attention should satisfy this need.

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