New Yandex.Mail interface concept

One evening, on Friday, I decided to check the mail on Yandex. I was asked to rate the new interface. Of course I agreed. I invite you to get to know him.

At first glance, there are not so many design changes, but let's open the incoming letter:

As you can see, it now opens on the same page (just like in Google’s Inbox):

You can scroll through the open letter below and continue to look at the rest of the incoming list.

Then Yandex took a step towards the touch interface - now you can delete the message in the same way as in the application on Android smartphones, simply by pulling it up in the basket field:

In the same way, you can mark the message as read / unread (by pulling to the right):

Capturing the letter with the mouse (or with your finger on devices with a touchscreen), you can drag it to the buttons on the top, for example, remove it in spam. For some reason, the letter itself is not being pulled to the button, but, take my word for it, I dragged it with the mouse until the button "This is spam" and, after that, it did get into spam.

Letters are selected by clicking (or tap) on the sender’s avatar or logo that Yandex substitutes if there is no avatar. I did not find a way to highlight all the letters on the page, I consider this a minus of the new interface:

There is also the possibility of customizing the buttons. Fans of minimalism should appreciate:

There were some minor flaws, but these are, rather, my personal nit-picking, which, of course, have no effect on the operation of the service:

Total:we have a nice updated Yandex.Mail interface, diluted with chips for devices with a touchscreen. But since Yandex.Mail has a layout for mobile devices, I don’t understand why it was necessary to add all these mobile chips, nevertheless it seems much more convenient to mark the message on the desktop with a tick and then click the delete button, rather than dragging it from the middle of the screen to the very top.

PS This mailbox was created specifically for spam, so you can not pay attention to the letters that you saw in the inbox.

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