The Moscow metro has the opportunity to charge the Troika card using a mobile phone

    This morning, over a cup of coffee, I read about one great news, which I hasten to share with you. Mosgortrans and the Bank of Moscow have released the My Travel Card mobile application, which allows using the mobile device on an NFC-enabled android to charge the Troika card.

    Rejoicing that I no longer have to stand in line in the queue at the checkout in the morning, once again having forgotten to replenish the card in the evening, I got the right card along the way.

    First of all, the application suggested registering. It is possible to register through social networks and through a phone number. For some reason, the first way failed to register. Registration by phone number took about 15 minutes. The code to the phone came pretty quickly, but then the application took a very long time to process the request.

    So, the registration has finally completed and ... I

    climb into the settings, turn off debugging, and the problem is resolved: The

    phone instantly reads the card and shows that it is currently charged.

    You can charge any of the existing subscriptions used in the Moscow metro, both for a certain number of trips, and unlimited for a certain period.

    I select the ticket I need, enter the bank card details, put the card on the phone for recording and my happiness has no limits!

    Everything really turned out to be fast and convenient.
    Of the minuses found:
    • I had to wait a long time until the system processes the registration (not critical)
    • They refused to sell the Troika just like that, I had to put a certain amount into the account. You can not spend it on a travel card
    • Does not work on phones with root access
    • May not work with custom firmware, in particular, does not support CyanogenMod

    PS This is by no means an advertisement. I was guided only by the desire to share the joy of such an easy purchase of a metro ticket. Surely there are Muscovites who will find this information useful.

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