Typhoon Mysak: looking from space

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    While Moscow is filling up with April snow, a real cataclysm is raging in the Pacific - typhoon Maysak. While he dispersed above the water, but inevitably approaches the Philippines. The wind speed reaches 225 km / h, and if the elements do not calm down, the islanders will get the full program.

    The arrival of the typhoon in the northern part of the Philippines is expected on Sunday, although they promise a gradual subsidence of the wind.

    We have the opportunity to observe the passage of a typhoon from space. Just the day before yesterday, the cosmonauts and astronauts of the ISS arranged a whole photo shoot for him.

    Thanks to the satellite of Roscosmos " Electro-L " we can observe the movement of the typhoon almost online and in dynamics. The satellite takes the entire Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth in one frame, every half hour, with a resolution of up to 1 km.

    Combining a series of frames, we get an animation of typhoon movement in the Pacific Ocean yesterday and today.

    Gif 1 , Gif 2 .

    Unfortunately, due to technical problems , Electro-L cannot conduct round-the-clock shooting, but on weekdays and during working hours in Moscow, everyone can be sure that his portrait from a distance of 36 thousand km has remained in the bottomless archives of the Scientific Center for Operational Earth monitoring.

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