DRM limits device uptime to 7.5 hours

    Gadget manufacturers continue to experiment with “innovative” DRM schemes. Printer manufacturers install sensors that block ink runs out of ink to prevent refilling. This practice has been adopted even by cat litter manufacturers . But the American company La Lumière, LLC went even further. She generally limits the life of her device to 7.5 hours, after which you need to buy a new one!

    The IlluMask cosmetic mask is a pretty awesome gadget, as if it came from the Iron Man movie. The mask covers the face and shines with red and blue LEDs, trying to rejuvenate the skin, kill bacteria, remove redness and more. The attempt is dubious, but some still buy a fashionable product. And then a surprise awaits them.

    Exactly after 30 daily procedures for 15 minutes (a total of 7.5 hours), the mask simply fails and no longer works.

    Given that the life of the used LEDs is approximately 30-40 thousand hours, the shutdown looks rather strange, because the de facto gadget has developed a resource of 0.03%. In this mode, he could work another 330 years. Of course, the manufacturer will not allow such a nightmare for business. Therefore, in IlluMask, a microcircuit is disabled, disconnecting it after 30 days. Then you need to buy a similar one for $ 30.

    On the official website, the manufacturer very hypocritically explains the reason for disabling the mask after 7.5 hours of service: “$ 1 per day. Simply put, a 30-time mask is the best way to provide you with high-quality light therapy sessions, which are usually offered at a higher price, and we only have $ 1. We believe that everyone should have access to modern technology - and we believe that technology must work. The patented 30-time illuMask system makes this possible. ”

    Well, DRM allows you to protect a proprietary product and use such methods. But this is probably a record of arrogance among manufacturers.

    The good news is that IlluMask protection is technically very poorly implemented, so you can disable both the 30-day trial and the 15-minute timer ( instruction) You need to open the remote control case, find the copper Reset and Test contacts on the motherboard. If you short-circuit them in turn (for example, with a paper clip), then a new trial period will begin. And if you solder the wires from the ON pin in the switch to the LED and GND pins on the board, the device will work forever without any restrictions.

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