The prosecutor's office of the Chechen Republic demands to ban access to VKontakte pages containing cartoons of Charlie Hebdo

    The prosecutor's office of the Chechen Republic in accordance with Art. 45 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation filed a lawsuit to restrict access to 85 VKontakte pages containing cartoons of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. A message about this is published on the official website of the state agency. The republic’s prosecutor’s office believes that these images are intended to offend the religious feelings of believers.


    Insulting religious feelings until 2013 in Russia was an administrative offense. The fine under the Code of Administrative Offenses 5.26 is provided for “deliberate public desecration of religious or liturgical literature, objects of religious veneration, signs or emblems of ideological symbols and paraphernalia, or their damage or destruction”. In June 2013, introducedcriminal liability in the form of imprisonment for "public actions expressing a clear disrespect for society and committed to offend the religious feelings of believers."

    In 1970, the “stupid and evil magazine” “Hara Kiri”, the former predecessor of “Charlie Hebdo”, was closed due to a rude joke about the death of Charles de Gaulle. The publication publishes a tough satire on resonant events and important social, political and religious topics. On January 7, 2015, a few hours after the publication of a cartoon on one of the leaders of the Islamic State group, 12 people were killed during an attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. The responsibility for organizing the attack was assumed by the Yemeni unit of al-Qaeda.

    The cover of Charlie Hebdo's predecessor is 1968 Hara Kiri.

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