Top games and applications of 2014 in the Russian Windows Phone Store

    The Windows Phone mobile platform is the youngest on the market. Our strategy for working with leading developers is quite simple - we identify the potentially best applications and help them to be on our platforms. This year, we selected remarkable and vibrant games and applications that gained a large number of positive reviews and gained popularity among users.

    The year 2014 will be remembered by the launch of the innovative model of “ universal applications ” - working simultaneously on the phone, tablet and computer. We are very pleased that many of the most popular applications this year turned out to be universal.

    We look forward to 2015 and the opportunity to give you many pleasant surprises that we have prepared for you in the new year.

    Top 5 Best Windows Phone Store Apps:

    1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    On the Windows Phone platform, the first line is occupied by the mobile version of the legendary Minecraft game, which is loved by users around the world. Minecraft Pocket Edition you need to create your own world from cubes "from scratch", and the game retains all the favorite game modes of the "big brother" in itself - in the "Survival" mode you will need to get comfortable in an unfriendly world, find the right resources and change your environment in according to your vision, and in the "Creativity" mode, imagination will be your only obstacle - endless resources and the ability to fly will take care of this.

    The interweaving of hidden caves and mysterious jungles, small villages and dazzling megacities, endless fields and inaccessible mountain peaks - you can create anything you want in Minecraft Pocket Edition. And if you are bored with creating and exploring your own world, a multiuser mode is at your service, which will allow you to evaluate the creations of other players and share your creative results with them.

    2. Age of Empires Castle Siege

    The game Age of Empires: Castle Siege invites you to lead your empire through the Middle Ages. Choose a civilization to your taste: among the available options are the state of Britons, Teutons, Byzantines and Kievan Rus. Improve the castle, strengthen the walls and deploy troops to protect your empire from uninvited guests. Having strengthened, build up strength to attack neighboring cities and throw troops into battle to crush the enemy defenses.

    Sailing along the river of time, you will explore new technologies, take part in famous battles and attract famous characters of the Middle Ages, such as Saladin, Richard the Lionheart and Joan of Arc. Replay strong opponents and defeat weak ones, earning achievements and climbing up the leaderboards.

    3. Cloud Raiders

    In Cloud Raiders, you will find yourself in a distant, cloudy land where life is far from as serene as is commonly believed. There are thousands of flying islands in the sky, and your task is to conquer them all! But first you need to turn your personal island into an impregnable fortress - to build fortifications, equip them with powerful cannons, ingenious traps and magic artifacts. Once you are confident in your invulnerability, gather a formidable army of celestial warriors and fly on the attack!

    You are waiting for grand battles with countless hordes of enemies, and treacherous pirates are the most harmless of them. Carefully think over strategy and tactics to crush the enemy army and get their untold treasures. Team up with your friends and achieve joint victories! Take undivided power in the heavens!

    4. Afterlight

    Afterlight is the perfect app for quick and easy image editing.

    The combination of a simple design with powerful and accurate tools will allow you to achieve the desired image in just a few seconds: you have 8 correction tools, 57 filters, 66 textures and numerous tools for working on the image.

    5. Candy Crush Saga

    Candy Crush Saga immerses players in the fabulous world of sweets. Bright design, charming characters, as well as many interesting tasks and game levels will win the sympathy of all fans of puzzles and quizzes. Your task is to combine the appropriate crystals together and go to the next level! You can play Candy Crush Saga both alone and in the company of friends and relatives, moreover, the game is free.

    Candy Crush Saga consists of hundreds of game steps, each of which offers users to solve an exciting puzzle, new ones are added to them weekly. And even though at first glance the tasks do not seem very difficult - moving to the next level will still not be so easy! You can monitor your friends' results and successes on a special interactive board.

    Top 14 Windows Phone Store apps:

    1. Minecraft
    2. Age of Empires: Castle Siege
    3. Cloud raiders
    4. Afterlight
    5. Candy Crush Saga
    6. Shadow shadow 2
    7. FIFA15: UT
    8. Active citizen
    9. World in fire
    10. Yandex Music
    11. Modern Combat 5: Eclipse
    12. Ashpalt 8: Take Off!
    13. Chaos Control
    14. Despicable Me

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