Overview of trends in the DVR market

Hello dear friends! We continue to analyze the Russian market of DVRs and today we will “talk” about development trends and innovations in this rapidly developing segment. So, in the beginning, I would like to highlight several trends in the development of automotive "black boxes".


The first trend - Full HD is no longer the standard for resolution. There are gadgets that can shoot video in Super Full HD (2 304 x 1 296 pixels), in which the picture is one and a half times clearer than when recording in Full HD. Undoubtedly, this trend of transition to a higher quality of shooting will continue.

Second trend- Hybrid recorders have moved from the category of “rarity” to the category of popular models. “Hybrid” devices can be divided into three large groups: “DVR + navigator”, “recorder - sports camera” and “recorder + radar detector”. It is worth noting that the latter group is in greatest demand, since in addition to shooting, DVRs reduce the risk of receiving a “letter of happiness” from the traffic police.

The third trend is the emergence of “smart” DVRs with full-fledged road safety systems. For example, some registrars are able to monitor the lane and when it changes abruptly or crosses a double solid line, the gadget will start to make sharp warning sounds.

Fourth trend- the demand for such functions as the G-sensor (shock sensor) and the GPS module and, as a result, the emergence of many models supporting these functions.

But these are all common features. To create a more detailed picture, we suggest that you divide all the DVRs into classes, starting from their price:

- budget - up to 4 thousand rubles
- “golden mean” - from 4 to 8 thousand rubles
- premium class with a price tag of 8 thousand rubles.

Well, consider each class separately.

First grade- budget DVRs, whose share in total sales previously reached 40-50%. But the demand for these models is steadily declining, since the models in this segment are practically not being improved and are characterized by the scarcity of functionality. Also, budget models, as a rule, are equipped with cheap matrices that shoot video with low resolution (VGA - 640 × 480 pixels), and the promised HD quality or even Full HD is achieved by programmatically stretching the image to the desired size. Also, there is a dubious build quality. What awaits this segment? We will wait for lower prices for more advanced components, which will allow them to "migrate" to this class and improve the quality of shooting.

Second class- average price category. This class is the most numerous and rapidly developing, from which it follows that it accounts for the bulk of sales. And this is not surprising, because it is in this price category that the “players” delight with honest HD or Full-HD resolution, and a wide selection makes it easy to choose a “gadget” with the necessary functions, up to the GPS module. Separately, I want to note that in this price category you can already find hybrid video recorders and pre-top models, which are distinguished by rich equipment and wide functionality. And undoubtedly this segment will continue to develop and improve.

Third class- premium. Truly a rich class. Representatives of this part of the market issue natural Full-HD resolution or Super Full HD. Premium DVRs are of high quality performance, advanced stuffing, stylish design solutions, as well as rich equipment. In this price category, I also “play” hybrid and “smart” DVRs, and, of course, dual-camera recorders. All models already in the "base" have wide functionality, which allows you to use gadgets to the maximum. In which direction will this segment develop? Obviously, manufacturers will strive to improve the quality of shooting by installing new matrices and even more advanced optics on their models. Also, it is on premium models that the latest technologies are implemented, which are inherited by models from the middle price category.

As you can see, the situation is extremely interesting. Gradually, the registrar from an automobile gadget is increasingly turning into a universal device, the scope of which is much wider. Such applications are possible due to the fact that more and more manufacturers are completing their devices with additional accessories for "non-automotive" use, and also include special modes in the device firmware.

To summarize!Technology is constantly moving forward and most manufacturers are striving to make their devices more advanced, while not “inflating” the price tag. Every day, new high-quality and technological models with the widest functionality enter the market. And, obviously, this is far from the limit and manufacturers will continue to improve video recorders, and we can assume that in a few years the registrars will turn into entire complexes to ensure road safety!

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