Youtube is blocked by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

    In accordance with the requirements of the law, access to the requested Internet resource is

    The Internet resource is prohibited for distribution by the court and / or is included in one of the lists:

    Federal List of Extremist Materials

    Unified Register of Domain Names, Web Site Directory Indexes and Network Addresses
    to Identify Sites in the Internet, containing information the
    dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation A

    register of domain names, web site indexes on the Internet and network addresses that
    identify sites on the Internet that contain information,
    distributed in violation of exclusive rights

    Well, actually, here. What were waiting for. Interestingly, is this a bureaucratic mistake or a political attack?

    UPD1 It seems that Ertelecom (Dom-ru) started the epic.

    UPD2 19:10 Unlocked. After 9 months there will be a slight surge in fertility.

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