The largest Russian robot battles are already October 29

    What are you going to do on the weekend? Stay home? Can you think about a cozy Sunday evening at the Olympic? 20 English teams against 20 Russian will concentratedly destroy each other's cars until only one gladiator remains in the armored arena.

    Tons of living steel, kilowatts of light and sound, kilograms of pyrotechnics, spare parts and bolts in all directions, liters of adrenaline and no mercy! There is only one rule: two robots come in - one comes out! Tickets can still be bought at

    As it was last year


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    What are you doing on Sunday?

    • 12.5% ​​I will stay at home playing tanchiki 15
    • 3.3% I will go to robot fights 4
    • 84.1% This poll sucks 101

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