A large-scale verification of Roscosmos has begun

    Too many problems have accumulated in Russian cosmonautics

    The launch failure at Vostochny Cosmodrome due to the wrong cable did not go unnoticed to guide the space industry. Some officials were reprimanded and severely reprimanded . The head of the NGO Automation Leonid Shalimov resigned after receiving the decision on incomplete official compliance, despite the fact that NGO employees collected signatures in his support.

    Now the turn has come to Roskosmos. The president’s control department began a large-scale audit of the state corporation, which was confirmed byRoscosmos official representative Igor Burenkov. Verification is even taking place at enterprises that were not related to launching at Vostochny. Employees sit until late in the evening and on weekends to provide the audit documentation that they request.

    “The auditors have raised the results of previous audits of the industry, including the materials of the Accounts Chamber, and now they are checking the new one more thoroughly,” a source in the leadership of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia) told Izvestia. - In recent weeks, our people have been sitting all weekend, looking for and asking counterparties for the necessary information. They requested data on the number of employees, qualifications, the state of production capacities - for the entire range of information in general.

    The launch failed and the launch was delayed for a day due to the fault of other organizations: the state commission on investigation of the reasons for the failure of the first launch was assigned the main responsibility to the NPO named after academician Semikhatov (NPOA), where the cable was made not according to the design documentation, which turned out to be without several necessary jumpers.

    As mentioned earlier, the main claims against Roskosmos are not caused specifically by this postponement of the launch (this is a normal situation), but by the accumulated pile of problems, including the protracted construction of the East.

    “Too many negative facts have accumulated in the rocket and space industry in recent years,” a source familiar with the situation told Izvestia:

    For example, over the past year, almost all satellites built by Russian companies for foreign customers have failed in orbit: in the spring, EgyptSat 2, made by RSC Energia, failed in November, AMOS 5, made by ISS Reshetnev for an Israeli company. The Condor-E radar satellite made for South Africa also refused in orbit.

    Three more accidents in 2015 occurred during the launch of the vehicles into orbit: in April, the launch of the Progress spacecraft with cargo for the ISS ended unsuccessfully, in May the Proton launched poorly with the Mexican telecommunications device, and in early December the space forces lost the satellite “ Canopus-ST. "

    In general, 2015 was a record year for space accidents - Russia in this indicator has pulled far ahead of other space powers. By the end of last year, a number of Western insurance companies refused to insure the risks associated with the use of Russian space technology.

    Against the backdrop of technological failures, the number of criminal cases on the facts of misappropriation, fraud, negligence and other industry-typical articles is growing. Under arrest are the former leaders of the Khrunichev Center, RSC Energia, the former leaders of Dalspetsstroy, who supervised the construction of Vostochny.

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