The Russian software registry has been launched in Russia

    The site of the registry of domestic software started operating in mid-January, but the registry itself was empty. January 29, the first entries appeared in the registry.

    Of particular interest is the inclusion in the registry of the DBMS "Red Database". The fact is that this is a product based on the open source Firebird project. But with blackjack and FSTEC certificate. At the same time, an impressive list of federal ministries as customers is listed on the developer's website.

    Most recently, the Volgograd experience of justifying the purchase of foreign software was discussed on the Internet in view of the absence of entries in the registry of domestic software.

    It is interesting how the situation with MS SQL procurement will now be, because there is an analogue in the registry. Or we will see the results of R&D with the justification of the uniqueness and non-alternative of MS SQL. Or the strictness of the laws will be compensated by the non-bindingness of their implementation and state customers will limit themselves to an information letter stating that “this software has been declared for purchase in connection with the need to ensure compatibility with software / hardware already available at the customer, etc.”. Or the adaptation of various application software for this DBMS will begin.
    Given the wording of the law , we can also expect a surge in purchases of software and hardware systems, which may include the necessary software.

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