Sleep in the hand: gadgets that will help tame sleep

    In a global fashion for personal effectiveness, it’s a shame not to work 24/7. Friends on social networks broadcast live from international airports. Waiting for night flights, they prepare pitches, conference presentations, business plans and articles. The authors of Facebook posts seem to be competing in a sleepy contest: who slept less today?

    Shelves of shops are full of roots of books “How successful people do everything”, “Eight rules of efficiency”, “Productive ninja”. But among all this diversity there is no really necessary book, “Score it and go to sleep!”.

    Studies prove: lack of sleep symptoms are similar to intoxication. Mental abnormalities, depression, self-isolation, and even hallucinations - the consequences do not scare the drowsy in big cities. “Three hours a day is enough!” - they assure and drink the seventh cup of coffee.

    The creator of the Huffington post and the popularizer of sleep, Ariadne Huffington, also believed. Once she found herself lying on the floor in a pool of blood: she fainted and broke her zygomatic bone after another physical (and nervous) exhaustion. She understood: to live and work, you need to sleep. Since then, she has been promoting the healthy sleep that every person needs.

    While scientists find out how much sleep is optimal for the human body, we talk about gadgets that rely not on quantity, but on quality.

    Sleep mask Neuroon

    The smart NeuroOn mask promises to improve the quality of even four-hour sleep. Comfortable design using soft viscoelastic foam adapts to your face shape, making it comfortable to sleep in any position.

    The gadget is equipped with numerous diodes and sensors. Customizable modes will help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up comfortably. A nice bonus: the creators of the mask have provided a short afternoon sleep function and a special mode to overcome the jet lag.

    The device collects information about your dream and transfers it to your smartphone (the proprietary application works on both Android and iOS) - in a word, it creates all the conditions for you to take control of the dream.

    Smart Sleep System Withings Aura

    The creators of the system, Withings, calls its solution revolutionary. A set of the gadget, which is placed on the bedside table, and a rug with sensors promises to set up your daily rhythm and teach you how to get enough sleep.

    The principle of operation is simple. The rug reads movements and collects information about your dream. Based on the data received, the LED lamp (aka music player, aka alarm clock) emits colored light, selected depending on the phase of sleep, creates white noise and turns on the alarm clock at the optimal time.

    You can control gadgets through a special application. It is there that you can choose a suitable scheme or even create your own program. Data is automatically transferred to the cloud storage, which means that you definitely will not lose it.

    The device promises to speed up the process of falling asleep, make your sleep strong and effective - is it not a miracle!

    SleepPhones Wireless Breeze Headphones

    Headphones SleepPhones Wireless Breeze - comfortable headband for sleeping, inside which are hidden wireless speakers. The design promises not only convenience, but also safety: the shape of the headphones will help to avoid injuries that can be obtained when sleeping in traditional headphones.

    The gadget is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, in its own mobile application a collection of tracks for sleeping is collected: the sound of the sea, the sounds of rain, music for relaxation. All this will shield you from the noise of a big city (or your neighbor’s snoring) and help you get enough sleep.

    Alarm Clock Medisana WL-450

    Medisana WL-450 - an alarm clock that promises to brighten up your morning. The creators of the device claim that the gadget will wake you as gently and make awakening comfortable even on a polar night.

    Several modes that simulate the sunrise, and 8 types of sounds of nature will try to facilitate the morning rise, even owls.

    Smart Fitness Bracelets / Watches

    Today, the market for fitness bracelets offers us a large selection of devices to monitor all possible vital indicators. Trackers of physical activity, sensors to control the heart rate, posture simulators, calorie counters and drunk glasses of water and, of course, smart alarms that capture the phases of sleep.

    Models differ in price and functionality. Some only count the number of steps and hours of sleep, some at the same time report on incoming messages and even pay at the checkout. There is plenty to choose from!

    * * *

    The world of gadgets takes care of your dream and its quality. But it’s more beneficial to use gadgets to stop using gadgets: smartphones, tablets, and computers. Do not be afraid to exchange Instagram tape for an extra hour in bed. Close the messenger, say goodbye to Facebook friends - and enjoy your sleep!

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