Hyperloop One goes to Russia

    Cooperation with the Russian company is the first step towards the creation of the Europe-China route. The

    American company Hyperloop One is working on the idea of ​​creating a high-speed vacuum train. It is planned to use magnets and powerful fans to move along the highway in order to make aluminum capsules move through the pipeline. Air will be pumped out of the pipeline to reduce the effect of its resistance on vehicle speed. And it will be huge - about 1200 km / h.

    Russia has already stated several times that the project is interesting, and domestic experts would like to accept in its implementation. True, statements were made that Russian scientists are independently working on a similar project. Whatever the case, today Hyperloop One has entered into an agreement with the Russian company Summa. The essence of the contract is the creation of a highway in Moscow and its connection with the local transport infrastructure. The agreement was signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum .

    Now the company is also developing a feasibility study for the construction of routes in Finland, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States. Last month, she was able to get $ 80 million in investment and pre-test her vehicle.

    Meeting of Sherwin Pishevar, CEO of Hyperloop One, with the heads of 18 Russian companies. President Vladimir Putin was also present at this meeting. (Source: Facebook)

    “We are pleased with the cooperation with Summa Group and the Russian government, as well as with the fact that Hyperloop One will build a route in Moscow,” said Sherwin Pishevar, co-founder and executive chairman of the board of directors of Hyperloop One. "Hyperloop can significantly improve life for 16 million people from the Moscow region, reducing their time spent on travel." The long-term goal of Hyperloop One, according to Pishevar, is the creation of a new Silk Road, namely, the connection of China and Europe by the Hyperloop route. This route, in theory, can ensure the delivery of goods from Europe to China in just 10-15 hours.

    In Russia, they are interested in the technology proposed in 2013 by Ilon Mask (the technology itself is not new, it was described at the beginning of the last century, but the implementation of the idea was proposed precisely by Mask).

    Pipeline concept for high-speed trains (1974)

    In a huge city like Moscow, the presence of the Hyperloop transport line would really improve the lives of many people. Now the population of Moscow is about 16 million people, so inexpensive, fast and reliable transport would significantly improve the overall situation with the transport infrastructure of the city. By the way, Hyperloop may be free for passengers . The profit scheme may be similar to the free to play system, which is widely used in many toys. Passengers will be able to use the system’s services for free, but additional elements of the service will also be available, for which payment will already be required. There is a second option for receiving money - payment will be charged to passengers only during rush hours.

    “Implementation of Hyperloop technology will provide the Russian Federation with significant advantages in geopolitical development, in terms of intracontinental transport, and will create an attractive alternative to existing logistics flows. In the long run, Hyperloop can accelerate regional economic integration, ”commented Ziyavudin Magomedov, owner of Summa, on the signing of the agreement. The Russian company, which has signed an agreement with Hyperloop One, considers this transport, first of all, as a means of delivery of goods, not passengers. Now, cargo from Europe to China and back is delivered within a few weeks.

    Initially, Hyperloop One proposed the creation of a highway connecting Los Angeles with San Francisco. The company estimates that specialists can build a track of this length for $ 16 billion over 10 years. At the same time, the construction of Hyperloop will be cheaper than a system of high-speed railways. The thing is that the lines are planned to be launched along the route of existing autobahns, trains are not needed here, plus land rent will be minimal, since the pipeline hangs above the ground, and the allocation of areas is very small. Among other advantages, the Hyperloop track will independently provide itself with energy - it is planned to use solar panels for this. The system will depend little on weather conditions.

    Who helps Hyperloop One?

    In addition to Summa Group, 137 Ventures, Partech Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Fast Digital, Western Technology Investment, SNCF, the French National Rail Company, and GE Ventures collaborate with the company.

    As for the Russian partner, the Summa Group is a diversified holding uniting promising and dynamically developing assets in port logistics, engineering, construction, the telecommunications and oil and gas sectors. The companies of the Group, which are present in almost 40 regions of Russia and abroad, employ over 25 thousand people. This is the largest business conglomerate, which is likely to implement part of the project to create the Hyperloop route in Moscow on its own, without external support. The founder and main shareholder of the company is Ziyavudin Magomedov.

    Elon Musk is not a Hyperloop One investor, but he is dedicated to the implementation of the company's current projects. Not so long ago, she bought 137 acres of land in North Las Vegas . It is planned to build a full-scale section of the route for testing.

    In May, the company announced the Hyperloop One Global Challenge . As part of the contest, Hyperloop One will collect applications from those wishing to build a track at home. And this is not so simple - in the application, the initiative group must show how Hyperloop One technologies will be used, what impact the new transport will have on the regional economy, what benefits passengers will receive, etc. Representatives of cities around the world can participate - here, Hyperloop One has no restrictions.

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