Black Friday of my competitors: companies with Geektimes

    Immediately I apologize for the pathos headline, but this year we decided that we did not want to write life hacks on the topic “how to buy for half a dollar in China” or “Compare Black Fridays of the world”, and decided to show what we and our compatriots prepared, whose companies known to you by posts on Geektimes.


    Without undue modesty, let's start from our store. This year, however, like many, we started a little earlier, and procured goods on Black Friday that we transport to Russia ourselves. Among them, everyone has a “post” on our blog.

    W / me2 is a universal multifunctional bracelet that calculates pressure, records the pulse and offers a quick analysis of the autonomic nervous system, as well as a set of breathing exercises in case of stress.

    It can also be used as a sports heart rate monitor: the kit includes a special dongle and chest strap. Another review .


    Fitness watch with the possibility of occasional pulse measurement, the creators of which are known for their projects for NASA . Any Lifetrak runs from 6 months to 1 year on a battery, is waterproof, and depending on the model it has functions: counting steps, calories, distance, sleep analysis, UV sensor, the ability to receive notifications. Of the "rectangular", the C410 , which was most recently written, has the widest functionality . The most functional same model will be the last, Lifetrak R450 , which now costs 7390 5500 rubles. However, we dropped prices on the entire line .

    Lumo Lift

    Electronic Posture CorrectorWith the functions of an activity tracker, it began to cost 7,700 5,590 rubles.

    The device has a “trainer” mode, where you independently choose the position of the back that you want to maintain, and the interval for vibrating a signal. Now the company is busy creating a large-scale sports platform and is preparing to launch smart clothes on the market.

    Also from interesting. We have reduced the prices of the models motivational tracker Striiv activity , which have an integrated fitness game, added a few fun accessories: glowing headphones 4ID , , dressing cases for smartphones, and more. You can get acquainted with all offers on the page "state of emergency" .


    Our friends also "hurried", and are invited to participate in the action in advance. At the same time, the ni404 traditionally encapsulates its action with all kinds of interactivity. This time, he promised to sell GoPro for 1 ruble, if there are about 30,000 reposts.

    From the main:

    Mio Alpha2 and Fuse

    optical heart rate monitors are very popular among athletes . On the first and second you can save more than 2 thousand rubles! Moreover, in the light of the recent partnership between Fuse and the Parkinson’s Patient Assistance Program, the authority of the gadget has been further strengthened. In addition, an attractive discount on Remee's lucid dream mask , which now costs 6,990

    5 942 rubles .

    All offers in the Madrobots section , where you will find toys, prams, 3D pens ...


    The company writes a lot about science and technology at Geektimes, and we will be happy to learn new things. The guys designated the dates of Black Friday from November 19 to 29 , however, most of the time was devoted to preparation, and discounts on goods would appear only tonight.

    The collection contains a lot of expensive acoustics, gyro scooters, smart home goods and outdoor activities. I wonder if they will be able to “outplay” the Chinese in the smartphone category, and we, with bated breath, are waiting for discounts on the Meizu MX5 16Gb , Meizu MX4 Pro 32Gb , Meizu MX5 16Gb .


    On November 24, a blog announcement appeared that the company will take part in Black Friday, which states that it will take place on the Yulmart website. The goods will appear in the relevant section at 19.00 Moscow time, today.

    Company blog on Geektimes .


    Black Friday took place here in several stages, and the first of them started almost at the beginning or middle of the month. This time, the dates of the action are scheduled for November 26 - 29 , and the sale will affect the entire catalog of goods from large and small household appliances, smartphones, accessories to wearable electronics. True, from the wearable - only Jawbon's .

    Among the best offers, the company itselfhighlights the Braun blender - 6 490 4 790, the Logitech gaming keyboard - 11 490 9 790, ASUS Zenfone 4 - 6 590 5 590.

    Have a nice shopping!

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