In Russia for the first time the claim of the copyright holder to YouTube is satisfied

    Today it became known that the Moscow City Court for the first time granted the claim of the copyright holder to YouTube, video hosting of Google Corporation. It is noted that the lawsuit was filed under the anti-piracy law, which was adopted a year earlier (in August 2013). The plaintiff in this lawsuit was Video Content, which owns the rights to a FRANKY group clip posted without permission.

    Proceedings in the case began in August this year, when the court decided to pre-block "pirated" content. After 15 days, as required by law, Video Content filed a lawsuit with the Moscow City Court demanding that they “stop creating technical conditions, including in the future, that will allow the placement of the FRANKY - Hologram video in the website section of the Internet telecommunications network.

    Actually, the lawsuit itself was satisfied on December 1. The interests of the copyright holder in court were defended by the organization "Association of copyright holders".

    »Anti-piracy law is becoming an increasingly effective tool for protecting intellectual property in our country. We are pleased that the copyright holder has decided to defend his rights and file a lawsuit. I hope that other copyright holders will take an active position and be able to repeat and develop this positive practice, "said Pavel Katkov, president of the Association of Copyright Holders.

    It should be noted that on November 14 this year, the State Duma adopted amendments to the Anti-Piracy Law and the president signed the document . According to these amendments, the law now applies not only to video content, but also to software, music, and books, while photographs remain outside the scope of this law.

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