Yandex.Kit lost another 12.5% ​​of the Russian smartphone market

    The story of the competition between Google and Yandex in the smartphone market was continued. Another manufacturer , Fly, refused to install the Yandex.Kit application suite . Since 2015, Yandex smartphones will not be preinstalled on Fly smartphones and tablets.

    According to the Russian company, Fly took these measures under the pressure of its partner - Google, which is trying to clean Android devices from extraneous software by installing the proprietary GMS (Google Mobile Services) suite instead.

    A similar policy of Google has already become the subject of antitrust litigation in the European Union , and Yandex also testified against Google.

    Recall that the main complaint of the European Commission's antitrust committee is the “all or nothing” policy when delivering a set of proprietary programs and Google Mobile Services (GMS) software interfaces and their priority position relative to the rest of the software.

    The GMS kit includes proprietary programs from the Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Hangouts and Chrome. Google claims them to be free programs, but at the same time it requires money to “activate” the package from each manufacturer of Android devices. The amount of payment depends on the volume of production (about $ 0.75 per device). But the manufacturer can choose another scheme, when he receives part of the profit from search queries from the device. It is with such a scheme that Google forces us to abandon the use of competing products on the device.

    In addition, Google is steadily transferring more and more functionality from the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) open source code base to the proprietary GMS.

    Yandex distributes an alternative catalog of Yandex.Kit applications and services, which directly competes with GMS. But recently, Yandex has been encountering big problems when trying to negotiate with manufacturers about preinstalling Yandex.Kita.

    There are suspicions that the problems of Yandex are caused by behind-the-scenes actions of Google, which, by the terms of the agreements, forces manufacturers to refuse to install Yandex.Kita.

    Using market power in the mobile operating system market, Google is linking the Google Play app store to the GMS package, requiring only the entire package to be preinstalled and additional restrictions to be met, said Yandex spokeswoman Asya Melkumova in an interview with Vedomosti. She says that Yandex "and before it was difficult to negotiate with the manufacturers of Android devices due to Google restrictions, but now the relationship with them has been threatened with a complete ban.

    Recently, the third smartphone manufacturer has refused to cooperate with Yandex. Recently, a similar story happened with Explay and Prestigio.

    Fly accounts for 12.5% ​​of the Russian smartphone market (according to statistics from sales from MTS stores). This is the second largest share after Samsung (18.1%).

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