Digital events in Moscow from May 21 to May 27

    A selection of key events in Moscow for a week


    Synergy digital forum

    • May 21 (Monday)
    • Crocus city hall
    • 10 000 p.
    • On May 21-22, the Synergy Digital Forum, dedicated to effective online promotion tools, will be held at Crocus City Hall. At one site will bring together international experts in Internet marketing and 3000 participants.

    Hackathon MEPhI "Data Parsing" "

    • May 21 (Monday) - May 29 (Tuesday)
    • Kashirskoe highway 31
    • is free
    • The hackathon will be held in two stages:
      Stage 1. Development of the hypothesis of data collection and analysis.
      Stage 2. Development of a service for collecting and analyzing data for a model selected based on the results of the 1st stage.

    TargetSummit Moscow Meetup # 6

    • May 22 (Tuesday)
    • Yandex, Leo Tolstoy, 16
    • is free
    • May 22 at 19:00, with the support of AppMetrica, we are holding another rally dedicated to mobile products and marketing. We will talk a lot about advertising and take apart the real cases of large companies from our wonderful speakers.

    IIDF Startup Day

    • May 22 (Tuesday)
    • IIDF, Myasnitskaya, d.13s18
    • is free
    • IIDF Startup Day is an evening conference for IT entrepreneurs at which we share the cases of the founders who have passed acceleration programs in IIDF.

    7 trends of promotion in social networks

    • May 22 (Tuesday)
    • Arbat 30/3 page 2
    • is free
    • At the master class, you will learn the secrets of SMM-specialists, get acquainted with professional technologies for promoting content on social networks and learn how to attract an audience.
      An expert in the field of advertising will talk about the intricacies of working with clients on the Internet. The master class will be useful to businessmen, SMM managers, freelancers, students, and graduates. Listeners will learn: how to reach the largest possible audience and not spend big money at the same time; what professional skills should you pay attention to when hiring an SMM specialist; which helps to independently advertise projects; Which SMM tools are most effective in 2018; why social networks are a good platform for promotion; whether the specialty of the SMM manager opens up great opportunities.

    ECOM Expo 18

    • May 23 (Wednesday) - May 24 (Thursday)
    • SEC Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center
    • is free
    • Largest Exhibition of Technologies for Internet Commerce and Retail

    Startup Mafia

    • May 24 (Thursday)
    • Skolkovo, Bolshoy Boulevard 42
    • 500 p.
    • StartUp Mafia is a platform where startups, investors and potential partners gather to get to know each other in an informal atmosphere, establish business contacts, learn something new and play the mafia.

    Tagline 2018 Award Ceremony: digital & mobile production

    • May 24 (Thursday)
    • Bolotnaya nab., 3 bld. 1
    • is free
    • On Thursday, May 24, the Rolling Stone Club (Moscow) will host the award ceremony for digital production and Tagline-2018 mobile app developers (the start of the gathering is at 18:00).

    Data Driven Analyst Meeting

    • May 26 (Saturday)
    • Yandex, Leo Tolstoy, 16
    • is free
    • The Yandex office in Moscow will host another Data Driven meeting. We invite people who are close to us in spirit - professionals who actively use data analysis to make decisions.

    DAS - design of the architectural environment

    • May 26 (Saturday)
    • Rozhdestvenka, 11 / 4k1s4
    • is free
    • The lecture will give an answer to the question of what is “Design of an Architectural Environment” and how to learn how to harmonize and aesthetize the spatial environment: interiors, streets, courtyards.

    Design seasons on Dorogomilovsky market

    • May 27 (Sunday)
    • Dorogomilovsky market, Mozhaysky Val 10
    • is free
    • This year, the design subbotnik will be held on May 27 at the Dorogomilovsky market. His theme is Food as Art.
      We gather the best chefs, regional gastronomic projects, farmers and owners of tiny cafes, teach how to choose food in the market, go to lectures on green design and recycling.

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