How to make the best computers in Russia? Interview with Artyom Smirnov from HYPERPC

    Probably, each of you can easily assemble a computer - find and order the right components, unpack, install, configure, pick up the necessary software. But imagine that you are doing this every day, and even more than one year in a row. Dream job or hellish kitchen? No, you can, of course, change the type of activity for the sake of interest, test everything the hard way ... Or you can ask Artem Smirnov from HYPERPC , and he will tell you everything!

    The main thing - to be in place

    Q: Tell us a little about where you work and what this job means to you?
    A: You know, I’m not asked about my work at HYPERPC for the first time (and probably not for the last) - and I always say the same thing. The main thing is to be in place. No matter how difficult, exhausting and monotonous the work seems to be, if you love your job you will find in it both interesting, and enjoyable, and something that makes you proud of the work done. With the right mood and things are done faster, and problems arise less. HYPERPC second home and second family probably for each of our employees, well for me for sure.

    AT:That is, everyone should love their job? Then what about streaming production? There are hardly any people who like to tighten the screws or look at benchmarks for 8 hours a day.
    A: In our work, everything is important - and what you do, and how you do it, so people come to us, who just get high on iron and create another techno-masterpiece. We are not “two cores, two gigs, gaming graphics card”. We do not have conveyor production, each master assembles his computer "from" and "to". So you never get bored!

    Of course, we tried a consistent build. Did not stick. As I have already said, our collectors love their work; for them, each new project is a challenge, a puzzle. Make the most efficient cooling, assemble beautifully, in a compact / custom / spacious case, turn the assembly into a work of high-tech art.

    Q: And every time it turns out well? What's the secret?
    ABOUT:The secret in the individual approach, the professionalism of the collector, the sense of taste and attention to detail, can actually be listed for a long time. Every your project is a challenge. When you need to make something unique from standard iron, you give it one hundred percent. And work is not boring, and the quality is on top. And if each employee will do one thing - over time, the specialists will either become very narrowly specialized, or simply “burn out”. And if the master responsible for cable management is ill, and his shift manager is on weekends, then all production will rise.

    Q: Okay, creative freedom is great. Do you somehow regulate the order of assembly? What order do you think is correct?
    ABOUT:Frankly speaking, we do not have clear regulations in the order of assembly, as well as the opinion of how to actually “correctly”: everything depends on specific cases. There are cases where you will not be able to install the motherboard first, and then connect everything to it. There is also a hull where you can not put a fully equipped "mother." Good things are mostly natural, therefore, in our work, we try to adhere to the sequence of operations that we take.

    Almost always the first thing is to install the power supply, then the motherboard - immediately with the processor and memory, after which there is cooling, wires and everything else. Therefore, the work according to the scheme “1 master - 1 computer” was formed somehow in a native way, as a natural process. The circle is closed.

    AT:That is, in the assembly of even the most powerful computer one person takes part?
    A: In the assembly, of course yes! If you do not take into account managers, purchasing department, marketing - yes, everything is done alone. Even the custom cooling system HYPER WATERCOOLING is assembled by a separate specialist, who has eaten a dog on the correct beating of acrylic tubes, mounting fittings and all the necessary calculations. But HYPERPC would not be HYPERPC if processes were done alone. First of all, we are a team, we do one thing together. So, maybe, one master was working on your brand new computer, but the very opportunity to order it from us is a product of a dozen experts.

    Proper assembly of the correct iron

    Q: On what basis are the components selected, which iron in your understanding is “good”, and which is not very good?
    A: The iron that we now use in our assemblies was chosen empirically over the years. For almost 10 years of the existence of the company, we, in our assemblies, probably tried all the components that could be obtained in our market. The components were checked for compatibility with each other, for durability, overclocking potentials, etc. - there is statistics, experience and a keen eye too. And now, with our workload, we know that “good” iron is iron with the lowest rejection rate in the market and the most stable work at the best price / quality ratio.

    Q: What about the warranty on your PC?
    ABOUT:Since we produce computers only from the best components, the percentage of defects we have is minimal. And if the software bugs over time, then for this we have an excellent warranty service. For each of our products, the basic warranty and maintenance is 1 year, but there is a service to extend the warranty and service up to 2 and 3 years. There is a period of free departure of the master who can fix problems on the spot: set up the software, notice the detail. Or he picks up the PC for diagnostics and replacement of components in the office and brings it back to the client the next day. We, by the way, never repair components, always change a customer for new ones without expertise and other things. After the replacement, we ourselves hand over the iron in the warranty. Also the whole year the client has a remote support service, if something is wrong with the PC and he cannot understand that,

    Q: Are there any specific principles for the selection of iron?
    ABOUT:At the same level as the service of our PCs, we also approach the selection of components prior to assembly. All purchased processors are tested in AIDA64, the most stable and promising instances are postponed “under overclocking”, and we work with them. If necessary, we scalp, if the client has asked for a computer that has been overclocked “from the factory”, after assembling, we bring the iron to a reasonable maximum and carefully check it under load. We also do not have “whistling” video cards, and if the coils crack in use, we will also change them to a new one without question. The user should have no problems, and we have no problems at work - only situations that require a competent solution. Even if you order some wild assembly with obvious imbalances in performance or a strange config, we first of all take care of the interests of the client - we will clarify what this iron is for, advise a more competent and balanced configuration, help to squeeze the maximum out of a given budget. In short, everything is for people.

    Q: Would you recommend something specific to readers? If they were in touch now, they would probably ask about “what is better to take and what to assemble” ... Say, for a gaming PC?
    ABOUT:The processor, of course, is Intel. Of course, Ryzen is a huge step forward for AMD, but in Intel games it’s still on the line, so we only work with Intel. Video cards, respectively, only NVIDIA - Radeon'am simply have nothing to cover them, so they, too, can not be found in our assemblies. If you know what to do and how to squeeze all the juices from the processor - ASUS ROG motherboards, everything is fine with the power circuits, and with an abundance of controlled parameters via UEFI. Well, if there is no experience in overclocking, MSI has an excellent choice, the quality is high, and the automatic selection of frequencies and voltages is one of the best on the market. Thermal Interfaces - Noctua or Gelid Extreme, in the most neglected cases (when scalping or extreme acceleration) - liquid metal Thermal Grizzly. RAM - HyperX, drives - the same HyperX, if you need a little more budget, then Kingston (same HyperX). Reliable, like a watch, with excellent conditions under warranty, the very thing for high-performance assemblies.

    Q: Anything to say about cooling systems? Have the “factory” SVOs grown to a decent level, or, as before, Noctua and Zalman are friends forever?
    A: Of course they have grown, our “closed” dropsy HYPERPC WaterCooling 120 V2 and 240 V2 perfectly show themselves and have an excellent price / quality ratio. Especially now the second version has got an address RGB both on the water block and on the fans, it looks great! They even, with the desire, you can install yourself.

    But with custom cooling, everything is much more complicated, so far the task of creating a custom circuit is not for beginners. Collect the whole thing - half the trouble (only in the budget lay 2 prices of “dropsy” at once - from the first time and without experience it is unlikely everything will turn out “as it should”).

    Hell begins as soon as it comes to upgrading or maintaining the system. Our expert in fluid systems would probably say this: “it’s not difficult to disassemble the dropsy, if there is time and no one distracts,” and would have done it in 2-3 hours. But for an untrained person, this is a day job. And someone will be very lucky if he doesn’t peremazhetsya elbows in the colored fluid, does not fill it with all the floor and will not break anything. And the question with the guarantee for components remains in the “gray zone” - not all manufacturers like it when the user changes the cooling system on their hardware. Do it yourself, you simply will not change the piece of iron, if something happens to it, we have met this more than once. In general, such things are better to be trusted by professionals.

    Oh by the way! We had one interesting case - ordered a computer with liquid cooling. Order as an order, but in the comments was a fully engineered water contour system. It turned out that the client was engaged in the design and production of hydro-cooling systems for the nuclear power industry. Everything was designed so that the water flows with the least possible resistance. We have never used such a number of hoses and various adapters and splitters. Something wound on a mustache. So, it would seem, “boring work” leads to interesting acquaintances and new experience.

    This stronghold PC boyars

    Q: Where did the idea to professionally build gaming PCs come from?
    A: About computers "cooler steep," we thought even when the meme with the "echidny pancake" and was not. And memes themselves, as a broad social phenomenon, probably, too. And the concept was not only in "gaming PCs". From the very beginning, we struggled with the stereotype that a computer is a “white box” that stands under the table. From the very first builds, we tried to ensure that our client wanted to put the computer on the table and show off to all of their relatives and friends.

    Hence, the enormous attention of the visual component and, over time, our computers in general became similar to works of art that I wanted to put under glass, framed and hung on the wall. A computer is not just a soulless machine; for us, a computer is a tool with which a person interacts and communicates every day, so it must not only be powerful and reliable, but also beautiful and always please the owner's eye.

    Q: Apparently your concept shot? What has your company developed at all? What was the key to success?
    ABOUT:Shot, and how! The company began its life in one small room, and now we have a large two-story office / showroom, separate production rooms, warehouses, our own photo and video studios, etc. All significant and not only e-sports events are held with our technical support. We would even say that in the technical sense, eSports in Russia is HYPERPC. All this was achieved through hard work for many years. Our team never despaired, when we were comprehended by failures, and when something worked out, we never stopped on what we’ve achieved, we always improve everything we have. How to make your computers better is also a very long and painstaking process of trial and error, but over the years we have understood exactly that using high-quality components to create a PC is one of the fundamental success. Well, the correct name. Still, "as you call it - it will float" cannot be ignored.

    Q: Ok, last question. Where does this name come from, what is it all about? Is it somehow related to HyperX?
    A: From the confidence that we make the best computers on the Russian market, of course. So it was led from the moment of the basis. It was necessary to come up with a name that would reflect this intention, so that by the name it was immediately clear that these are “not just” any computers there, but the best computers! This is how the founder came from the word “supercomputers” to “hypercomputers” - HYPERPC. So there is nothing to do with HyperX. Is that the approaches to the work of the same - to offer the maximum possible.

    For more information about HyperX products, visit the company's official website .

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