Integration with YClients: combine online recording and IP telephony

    Cloud services allow companies to completely get rid of their own IT infrastructure, not only hardware or software - but also from configuring the services themselves. Today we will talk about how you can automate small and medium-sized businesses and ensure the operation of telephony through the joint use of YClients and our IP-telephony.

    Most companies solve the same tasks every day, so working with ready-made online services allows you to optimize processes at minimal cost, with little to no investment in infrastructure. Many have long been using online systems to work with finance and accounting. In addition, if you have something to store, you can use warehouse optimization tools. Companies that work with private clients can successfully automate appointments and the entire communication chain.

    Service YClients, about the integration with which we are talking today, is just focused on entrepreneurs in the service sector. Developers identify 24 typical areas of application of their service - from beauty salons and medical centers to car washes, driving schools and law firms. In other words, a ready-made online recording and automation service for the main business processes of a small company helps provide IT support for the business from the cloud.

    From a practical point of view, everything looks very simple. You just need to register on the YClients website and model the structure of your business. As a result, work with cash registers, accounts, warehouse management, monitoring the availability of consumables, personnel issues, payroll, checking the profitability of the business model and service matrix are available online and in a visual form, which is convenient for the entrepreneur.

    Why integrate such a service with IP telephony?

    The integration of telephony and CRM has long established itself as a proven tool for business. And if you take a closer look at it, it becomes obvious that YClients already contains its own specialized version of CRM, which helps automate the main business processes of conducting preliminary online recordings on various communication channels with the ability to send notifications and reminders.

    The YClients online database stores information about clients and their service history, and if you integrate it with IP-telephony, you get the opportunity to recognize the client by phone number during a call, make calls by predefined triggers, and also dial a person’s number directly from his cards in the system. All this increases customer loyalty by improving the quality of service, and also helps operators and managers work more efficiently. And given that you don't have to pay for this integration, the game is definitely worth the candle.

    Web interface of the YClients module for working with clients

    Connection and features

    YClients issues an encrypted token for connection.

    IPtelefon module is a ready-made widget for YClients that can be connected by any user. If you are already working with YClients, just go to the Browse menu and select the Calls option . If no one has integrated the IP-telephony system on your account, YClients will provide you with a token for connection.

    Zeon IP PBX Entry Form

    When you have a token, you can use it in Zeon IP PBX. In the Integration section of the System menu, you will find the ready-made section “Integration with YClients”. You will need to enter your token in the Secret code field , and two software modules will start working together, exchanging data.

    The system detected an incoming call from Maxim.

    After that, if an incoming call is received on your virtual PBX, Zeon IP-PBX will transfer the call information to the YClients CRM module, and the system will instantly find the client by the phone number, showing the card to the secretary or operator. If such a number is not yet in the database, right during the conversation the system will offer to create a new card.

    Customer card in YClients

    As a result, customers do not have to spend time telling who he is and what he needs. The operator will immediately recognize Sergey who needs to wash his Chevrolet Aveo or Irina again, who already has an appointment with a manicure specialist for tomorrow. This approach saves time and creates a sense of concern for customers, increasing their loyalty.

    Why exactly iptelefon?

    The integration of YClients with IP-PBX Zeon from has several advantages at once. All settings occur automatically, it takes several minutes to start the collaboration of services, and any technical support is available via chat or phone. But most importantly, you get a “single window” for connecting all services, including virtual numbers , corporate IP-SIM , as well as other integration options and modern IP equipment. You can order and test any telecommunication services right now on our website .

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