Panda VPN for home

    The new Panda Dome home antivirus contains the Panda VPN module, which allows you to quickly connect a VPN and use any websites, various instant messengers, social networks and various forums for exploring music, movies and software. Let's see what Panda VPN is and how it works.

    What is Panda VPN

    Panda VPN is one of the Panda Dome home antivirus modules . Moreover, Panda VPN is present in all Panda Dome tariff plans, starting from the free version of the Panda Dome FREE antivirus to the premium paid version of Panda Dome Premium.

    Panda VPN is one of the easiest home VPNs to use, which safely tunnels your Internet connection through one of the thousands of affordable VPN servers located in 23 countries (at the time of this writing): USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, Norway, France, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Netherlands, Singapore, Ukraine, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic, Turkey.

    System requirements

    Minimum system requirements:

    • Windows 7 SP1 and higher
    • Android 4.0.3 and higher
    • iOS 8.x and higher (iOS support is expected soon)
    • Mac OS 10.9.5 and higher (Mac support is expected soon)

    Complete privacy

    Panda VPN does not collect any information that can personally identify you. This module does not collect, store or present to third parties any user identifiers, including IP addresses. The solution also does not store any user activity logs.

    All incoming and outgoing traffic circulating between your device and the Internet is encrypted and decrypted by your device or VPN servers. AES 256-bit encryption is used to ensure the security of your data. If you have an old device or a very weak processor, then the encryption / decryption process can take a little longer and slow down the speed somewhat.

    Although, frankly, even on a virtual machine with Windows 7 Professional and 1 GHz RAM, there is almost no visual decrease in Internet speed through the Panda VPN.

    Versions of Panda VPN

    Panda VPN is available in two versions: free FREE and paid PREMIUM. The free version has a traffic limit of 150 MB / day. Also, users of the free version can not choose a VPN server through which you want to establish a VPN connection, but connects automatically to the nearest server. Users of the PREMIUM version have no restrictions, and are also free to choose any VPN server located in one of 23 countries around the world available at the time of this writing.

    The free version of Panda VPN is available in all Panda Dome tariff plans, but the paid version of Panda VPN Premium will be available in the Panda Dome Premium tariff plan (an analogue of the current Panda Gold Protection antivirus) or separately as an add-on Panda VPN.

    How to work with Panda VPN

    On the website we downloaded the free version of Panda Dome, which provides a free version of VPN.
    After installing Panda Dome, open the VPN module. By default, it is disabled, so you must install it.

    After installing the Panda VPN module, you will be able to manage this module, although it is very simple: connect or disconnect.

    If you click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, you can go to the settings section. Only the following options are available here:

    Automatically enable VPN after rebooting the PC - most likely, this option will be primarily useful to those who use the unlimited version of Panda VPN PREMIUM so that after rebooting the PC each time you do not manually turn on the VPN

    Automatically establish a VPN connection when connecting to an insecure WiFi network - this option will probably be useful to everyone, because nevertheless, it is better to work confidentially and safely in public networks

    Select a country for automatic connection - this option makes sense only for users of the paid version of Panda VPN PREMIUM.

    To connect to the VPN, you need to click the Connect button in the VPN module. Panda quickly connects to the corresponding VPN server (in our free case, we connected to the server in Russia).

    As you work through the VPN connection, the free Panda VPN module in real time shows the amount of traffic used. There is also a button for switching to the PREMIUM version, as well as a Disconnect button to disconnect the VPN connection.

    Before you approach the traffic limit, Panda will remind you of this with a pop-up window:

    If you exceed the daily traffic limit, the VPN connection is disconnected automatically, as you can see both in the Panda VPN module:

    and through the pop-up window:

    When may be useful Panda VPN

    A VPN allows you to send encrypted data over regular, unencrypted communication networks. But besides the fact that the VPN provides you with confidential and secure web browsing, there are other benefits to using it.

    WHERE to use Panda VPN:

    • When connecting to the Internet via public Wi-Fi (hotels, bars, restaurants, on the street, away, etc.).
    • When using “shared” Wi-Fi or an Internet connection (for example, via a cell phone).
    • At home, if you want your provider to not see which sites you visit.

    WHEN to use Panda VPN:

    Example 1:When you are in other countries (especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East), then access to some Internet content there may be blocked. Using a VPN connection through a server located in another country will allow you to freely connect to the required Internet content;)

    Example 2: To prevent data theft when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. One of the most popular hacking techniques is the use of security vulnerabilities in public Wi-Fi networks to penetrate your device.

    Example 3: When connecting to online resources from another country, it also makes sense to use a VPN by connecting to a server from that country to increase the connection speed.

    Example 4:In order to maintain confidentiality and prevent personal identification during online shopping and working with the Internet bank. Using a VPN connection, your Internet connection will be encrypted, and therefore it will be almost impossible for unauthorized persons to steal your registration data.

    Example 5: When viewing streaming media content from resources such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc.:

    o If you cannot wait for the latest episode of your favorite series to become available in your country, then use a VPN and connect to the server in to the country where this series has already been released
    o If the display of certain programs and series is generally blocked for display in your country, then again using a VPN connection through another country will allow you to bypass this ban.

    Example 6: When you make online purchases, then try to check the prices of the same products in other countries, using a VPN and connecting through a foreign server. It is possible that for residents of other countries the price may be lower.


    Panda VPN is a built-in module in the Panda Dome antivirus . As a whole, Panda antivirus and the VPN module adhere to the same philosophy: the product is intended for the mass ordinary user, and therefore everything works simply, quickly, clearly, automatically and without unnecessary settings. Just what most PC users need.

    I was pleased that when connecting to a VPN server with a specified location in Russia, we were able to safely use any messengers, social networks and various sites and services. At a free tariff for testing purposes, we were also able to calmly download one music album for review.

    Of course, in the framework of the free version of 150 MB / day, you won’t run a lot, but it’s quite possible to talk a bit on social networks when connecting via public WiFi, and to work with an online bank. Well, if you like to watch media content, especially not always available in our country, then the PREMIUM version (the default license for 5 devices) will help here without any restrictions.

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