Overview of the new line of home antivirus Panda Dome

    Panda Security launches the new Panda Dome end-to-end security solution to provide easy and reliable protection for Windows, Mac, and Android home devices. The solution has flexible tariff plans (including a free tariff) and a set of extensions to select the required modules depending on current needs. We bring to your attention an overview of the new Panda Dome.

    What is a Panda Dome

    Panda Security has released the new Panda Dome antivirus, a comprehensive security solution for home devices with support for Windows, Mac and Android. This solution replaced the Panda 2017 line of home antiviruses. The solution is based on the new engine, includes a number of changes and additions to the protection options, and also contains a new VPN module. All changes were made in order to further increase the level of protection, performance and usability.

    The main difference in the Panda Dome concept from the previous Panda 2017 home product line is that the new solution is not a line of individual products with its own functionality, but a singleproduct i.e. a single platform, which, depending on the chosen tariff plan, provides the user with access to certain protection modules and services. Thus, Panda Dome is a flexible structure that adapts its behavior to the specific needs of the user. As a result of this, the user can assemble the product “for himself”: for example, the free Panda Dome Free + paid Panda CleanUp extension for optimizing PC performance + paid Panda VPN Premium extension, etc.

    The Panda Dome solution is based on the new next-generation engine. The main difference is the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which allows continuous monitoring of absolutely all active processes and their interaction with each other, regardless of whether these processes are legitimate (reliable) or not. The new engine allows you to provide reliable protection against new, improved and unknown threats.

    By the way, this influenced the choice of name. Dome translated from English, among other options, means a dome, a cap. Thus, the user of the Panda Dome is under a strong dome, protecting it from digital threats.

    So, let's move on from words to deeds and see what Panda Dome really is. In today's article, we will mainly talk about Panda Dome for Windows as the most common operating system. However, be sure to mention the capabilities of the solution to protect Android and Mac.

    Windows installation

    Panda Dome, like previous versions of Panda home antiviruses, is a very light product, justifying its "cloudiness". If we talk about protection for Windows, then to install the solution you need a processor with a clock frequency of at least 300 MHz and at least 128 MB of RAM, as well as Windows XP (SP3, 32-bit), Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32- and 64-bit). As you can see, such modest system requirements allow you to install the product on almost any computer.

    We downloaded the Panda Dome distribution from the global website www.pandasecurity.com . It turned out to be a small online installer about 2 MB in size.

    At the very beginning of the installation, an activation code is required. But if you do not have it, then you can continue without it - in this case the product will be installed in the free version. After that, you need to specify the installation folder (or agree with the default one), and also select the interface language (by default it is taken from the operating system) and specify the Panda Safe Web extension options for your browser, which allows you to organize more secure browsing of sites.

    After that, the online installer begins the process of installing the product on your computer, during which it downloads all the necessary additional files from the cloud. For this reason, an Internet connection is required to install the product.

    Although standard offline distributions of more than 60 MB are available, which can be installed without the Internet, the convenience of the online installer is that when you use it, you are guaranteed to get the latest version of the product.
    I must say that the installation was quick and without any problems. By the way, if the version of .NET Framework below 4.6 is installed on your PC, then during installation you will be offered to update its version.

    After installing the product, you will be asked to indicate your Panda account, which is tied to an email address. You can either immediately create a new account (if you do not already have one or need to bind the license to a new email address), or specify an existing account and log in to it.

    We indicated your existing account and linked this product to it.

    After installation, you can also activate your product with an activation code (if you previously purchased it), or you can continue to use the product in the form of a free trial version.

    Because we tied the product to an existing account, then we decided to use the activation code from the paid Panda Global Protection 2017 product to activate Panda Dome, and as a result we got a new Panda Dome Complete with an almost complete arsenal of security modules and services.


    The first thing you immediately notice in Panda Dome is the new modern design, which, in our opinion, has become more convenient. And, despite the fact that in general the arrangement of elements repeats the previous line, in the new Panda Dome access to modules and services has become easier.

    For example, all modules became available directly from the main window.

    A standard button with horizontal stripes appeared in the upper left corner to display the service menu instead of the Start button in the previous line, which looked somewhat inappropriate and incomprehensible. And if you are inside a section, then the Back button is always shown in the upper left corner to return to the previous window.

    At the top of the window in the center is the name of the Panda Dome product, when clicked on, you can always immediately return to the main interface window. In the upper right corner is the account icon, when you click on it, you can go to your account or open the My Products section .

    Next to the account icon is a notification icon. When new notifications, warnings or reminders are available, this icon will notify you of this with its changed appearance. Clicking on the icon opens a window with available notifications.

    In the lower part there is a running line with the latest news from the Panda Security Media Center, when you click on it, you go to the window with the latest news on information security.

    Separately, of course, I want to say about the background design of the main window. If all other solution windows remained in a business-like and strict design, then in the new Panda Dome the main window has a beautiful background that immediately attracts attention and tries to convey to you the most pleasant feelings. At the same time, in the product settings, it is possible to change the background image and enable the option to automatically change the application background.

    In addition, the interface is based on new modern technologies, which allows it to work more quickly, which is really noticeable in comparison with the previous line.

    Basic Security Modules for Windows

    To write this review article, we used the Panda Dome Complete tariff plan (we will tell you more about the composition of the plans at the end of the article), within the framework of which almost all the functionality of the new solution became available to us.

    So, here are the basic protection modules:

    Antivirus - offers automatic protection against all types of threats, including viruses, trojans, encryptors and other malicious programs

    Firewall - protects your computer from hacker intrusions and attacks

    Data protection - monitors access of various applications to protected folders and files, providing protection against unknown ransomware

    Application control- allows you to configure allowed and prohibited to run applications

    Safe Browsing - additionally protects the user when browsing sites on the Internet

    Process Monitor - analyzes processes that are active on the computer

    VPN - a built-in utility that allows you to access the Internet through secure proxies, ensuring confidentiality and additional protection against hackers and other intruders


    This module offers protection against all types of threats, including viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other malicious programs using all available techniques: cloud knowledge base Collective intelligence, local signatures, cloud heuristics, behavioral protection, technology for protection against exploits.

    The very first icon in the main window allows you to open the option to scan your PC on request.

    Panda Dome offers three types of scans:

    Critical zones for quickly checking memory, current processes, cookies, etc. Scanning is fast enough, allowing you to check the basic system elements that are more likely to be infected.

    Full scan allows for a complete and comprehensive scan of the entire PC

    Selective scan is intended to scan individual folders and files.

    When the scan starts, a corresponding window opens, which displays information about the scanned object and the total number of scanned objects and detected threats. You can pause the verification at any time or cancel it. There is also an option to automatically turn off the computer after the scan is completed, which is very convenient if, for example, you set the PC to be checked for the night and calmly went to bed. The option “show details” shows additional information with the ability to go to the full report.

    When you click on the Anti-Virus icon in the main windowa window opens with brief information about the results of the last scan on request, the availability of scheduled checks, and the status of quarantine. Also in this window is a brief statistics on the detection of different types of threats for the current day, week, month or all the time with the ability to go to a detailed report.

    The anti-virus module allows you to manage a number of settings for detecting and blocking threats. Depending on the settings you choose, Panda Dome can block potentially unwanted programs, analyze the behavior of applications and processes and block them depending on the model of behavior. You can also specify the maximum allowed time interval during which Panda Dome will wait for the result of additional analysis from the cloud before allowing this process to start.

    In addition, you can configure the frequency of quarantine cleaning, as well as specify files, folders, and extensions that will be excluded from antivirus scans. If you consider some of them to be exactly safe and reliable, then excluding them from the scan, you can significantly reduce the time for a deep scan of your PC, although you must be extremely careful in setting exceptions so that this does not affect the decrease in security. Here you can manage exceptions for objects restored from quarantine.


    Another extremely important protection module that is difficult to do without is a firewall that protects your PC from hacker intrusions and attacks.

    It should be noted that, like other protection modules, the firewall works in an automated mode, and therefore it is extremely easy to use and configure. This module allows you to configure firewall rules for each application used, allowing or disabling its connections using computer ports. In addition, the firewall offers a set of rules recommended by the manufacturer, although their priority in any case will be lower than that of user rules.

    By default, the firewall independently sets the rights to incoming and outgoing connections for each application, depending on the degree of its reliability, the features of its operation and many other parameters. Therefore, if you are not an advanced user, then you can completely rely on the default settings. Otherwise, you can always configure any rule yourself, add a new one or delete an unnecessary one, and also rank them according to their priority.

    In addition, Panda Dome offers a static rule-based intrusion prevention system. By default, almost all of these rules are included, but you can always configure each rule to be turned on or off (if you understand this).

    I must say that this protection against intrusions shows high efficiency: all the attacks that we simulated against computers with Panda Dome installed were stopped before we could gain control of the devices.

    The Firewall module also allows you to choose one of three main ways to connect to the Internet: at home, at work or in a public place. Depending on this, the rules of the firewall may change, allowing it to be more aggressive, for example, when connecting to the Internet via free WiFi in a cafe. The module also shows statistics on blocked processes and intrusions with the ability to go to a detailed report of the firewall.

    So if you are afraid of hackers and you need an application to protect against them with the possibility of very simple configuration, then a firewall in Panda Dome would be the best option.

    Data protection

    The Data Protection module controls access of certain applications to protected folders and files, providing protection against unknown encryptors. This module is really extremely effective: an unknown encryptor, even if for some reason it will not be blocked, simply physically cannot access your data file, and therefore encrypt it.

    By default, when installing Panda Dome, this module is turned off, and therefore we highly recommend activating it.

    The settings of this module allow you to specify folders with user data and file extensions that need additional protection. Among the latter, by default, almost all the most commonly used types of user files are offered (archived formats, MS Office documents, images, sound and video files), but you always have the opportunity to add, change or delete something.

    In addition, you can specify which applications are allowed to work with protected objects and which are not. As a rule, such a list is generated automatically, but you always have the opportunity to add, modify or delete.

    There is also a convenient option for configuring the module for unknown applications: depending on the settings, when an unknown application tries to access protected objects, Panda Dome may ask you for permission to access or automatically block such attempts.

    In addition to this, the Data Protection module shows a brief statistics of recent blocked attempts to access protected objects with the ability to view a more detailed report.

    Application Control

    Another extremely useful and effective module that provides a high level of PC security. It allows you to specify which applications are allowed to run and which are not. It also allows you to protect your PC from unknown online programs that can harm him (and therefore you). When you first start Panda Dome, this module is turned off by default, although you can turn it on quickly and easily. After that, the module automatically starts its work, blocking prohibited applications.

    The list of allowed and forbidden applications is formed in various ways, including automatic generation mechanisms, but again, you always have the opportunity to add or remove the required applications yourself, as well as change the rights of previously configured applications. In addition, you can always configure the module in relation to unknown applications: in this case, Panda Dome will either ask for your solution or automatically prohibit their attempts to launch.

    For verification, we decided to ban the harmless WordPad. After that, Panda Dome immediately responded to an attempt to launch it.

    The Application Control module also shows brief statistics of the last blocked attempts to launch prohibited applications with the ability to view a more detailed report.

    Safe Browsing

    Another easy-to-configure but very useful Panda Dome web security feature that allows you to securely visit various websites. In the event that the site is infected with malware or viruses, then this module will automatically block access to it. The Safe Browsing module also protects you from phishing attacks thanks to a huge database of phishing sites that is updated in real time from the cloud.

    This module works almost completely in automatic mode, I offer the user just the ability to add allowed addresses and domains.

    Process monitor

    Surely you were always wondering what happens in the background when you use a PC. As part of the Process Monitor module, Panda Dome offers detailed reports on all ongoing processes. It also monitors processes that are dangerous for your computer. All processes are divided into several sections. The most dangerous processes are highlighted in red and blocked.

    In the detailed report for each process, you can check its classification and status with the possibility of manual blocking / unblocking, as well as view all the web addresses to which this process was connected.


    A new built-in VPN module has appeared in Panda home antiviruses , which allows you to ensure the security of connections and prevent them from being intercepted by attackers as well as by state authorities. This module uses data encryption techniques, as well as the ability to select a secure proxy server in one of the 20 countries represented (the Russian proxy is also on the list). The last option only works if you have a premium version of this module connected. Our testing showed a very high speed of work without any noticeable effect on the speed of opening sites and downloading.

    In fact, the only drawback of the free version of this module is its daily traffic limit: 150 MB per day. It’s clear that you won’t pump up and play a lot with such a volume, but it may be enough to work with social networks and view websites. But in the premium version there are no restrictions on traffic.
    By the way, which is interesting, even with a VPN connection through a proxy server located in Russia, resources and instant messengers that were blocked in the country were still available.

    Like other protection modules, VPN works automatically and offers users only a few options: enable VPN after rebooting the PC, automatically establish a VPN connection when connected to an insecure WiFi network (we recommend using it, because sometimes you may forget or not even notice that your laptop is connected to the public network), and if you have a premium version, you can choose a proxy server located in a particular country.

    Additional functionality

    Comprehensive security solutions differ from the free and paid basic solutions in that they have a number of additional functionalities and services. Panda Dome is no exception:

    • USB protection
    • Recovery kit
    • WiFi protection
    • Parental controls
    • PC Cleanup
    • Anti-theft
    • Online backup
    • Virtual keyboard
    • File shredder
    • File encryptor
    • Password manager
    • My devices
    • My products
    Let's try a brief look function data.

    USB protection

    Given the fact that often many threats are spread thanks to the automatic launch function of plug-in USB devices, and the vast majority of ordinary PC users never disable this feature (they do not know where it is located in Windows, and many of them do not even assume that it may be), then this module is truly becoming extremely useful. We all use flash drives, and almost every one of us knows that the problem of flash drives for PCs is akin in importance to the issue of safe sex. And here the USB Protection module comes to the rescue .

    Its main function is just a simple and intuitive disabling of autorun flash drives. This allows you to almost completely eliminate the possibility of automatic infection of the system from a flash drive. In addition, the module is able to offer additional verification of each flash drive connected to a PC before opening it.

    Also, the module allows you to automatically vaccinate every flash drive connected to a PC, as a result of which such a vaccinated flash drive will not automatically start on any other PC (it does not matter what kind of antivirus it is and if the autorun option is disabled), and therefore it will be less exposed to risk to be infected. If this is not necessary, then you can vaccinate the required flash drive manually:

    Recovery Kit

    This functionality allows you to restore your PC in the event of an unforeseen emergency, if system damage has occurred as a result of an infection attempt or a malicious attack. We leave behind the brackets how successful such attempts were, and what their probability is - as they say, and a stick shoots once in a lifetime, anything happens. In any case, you need to be safe and be able to not only prevent infection, but also quickly eliminate its consequences. After all, brakes were invented not for cowards, but for rational people.

    First, the recovery kit includes Panda Cloud Cleaner- This is a special utility for detecting complex viruses and malicious programs that can not always be detected using standard techniques and options. Therefore, if you have any doubts and you think that your PC may be infected, then be sure to conduct an in-depth check using this utility. Please note that the scanning process can take several hours.

    Also, this module contains the option to create an emergency flash drive (an analogue of an emergency floppy disk or CD in past years - oh, what were the times!). Such a flash drive can be very useful if your PC cannot be booted. In this case, you can boot the PC from the emergency flash drive, perform a deep scan of the PC using Panda Cloud Cleanerto remove traces of infection that impede normal system boot.

    We checked the operation of the emergency flash drive on some blocked and damaged PCs. The result was excellent: all PCs successfully booted after virus removal and system recovery.

    Protecting WiFi

    WiFi connections have become another weak link for mobile devices and laptops, especially when it comes to wireless connections in public places, where there is a high probability of running into an attack such as Man-on-the-Middle or connecting to an infected or hacked router.

    Panda Dome, of course, has a WiFi Protection module in this regard , which checks and protects wireless connections.

    This module displays all devices connected to your WiFi network. Thus, you have the opportunity to check whether there are any "extra" devices or uninvited guests on the network.

    In addition, this module provides the following features:

    WiFi audit.

    Scans wireless networks for vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for improving security. As part of such an analysis, the following aspects of a WiFi network are tested:

    • Network authorization and encryption
    • Computer-to-computer
    connections (ad hoc network) • Connection mode
    • Network name to avoid common names
    • Signal strength
    • Channel saturation

    Connection history.

    You can check which computers have been connected to your network in the past, even if they are not currently connected to it. This, in turn, also helps establish potential intrusions.

    - Ability to easily identify computers by alias .
    - Ability to block unknown computers from accessing your computer .

    Parental Control

    The importance of this module is difficult to overestimate, as Its main purpose follows directly from its name - to protect our children from the many dangers of the Internet. Although the product’s capabilities allow you to restrict access to certain sites not only for children, but also for negligent employees of small enterprises.

    By default, this module is disabled, but it is very simple to enable it. For each account, you can view general and detailed statistics on website visits per day, week or month, both by category of sites and directly by their addresses.

    When you try to access a prohibited site, a warning window pops up, and instead of the content of the site, a standard "stub" with information about blocking is displayed.

    This module is also configured quite simply, because it is not overloaded with all sorts of options, which in most cases are not used. For each account, you must configure which categories of sites are prohibited. For ease of setup, you can use one of the predefined filters (for children, for adolescents, for employees), or create a personal filter or not use it at all.

    You can also specify whether to deny access to unclassified pages whose category is unknown. You can also create lists of allowed and forbidden domains as exceptions to the applied filter.

    PC Cleanup

    This module allows you to optimize the performance of your PC by increasing the speed of its operation due to the defragmentation operation, as well as freeing up space on your hard disk by deleting unnecessary files (temporary files, temporary Internet files, browsing history of sites and cookies).

    Panda Dome features let you schedule your PC cleaning tasks.

    In addition to this, this module provides you with the following functions:

    Download manager . Allows you to view programs at startup and disable unnecessary ones if necessary. Panda Dome monitors your computer continuously and warns you if a program tries to add itself to startup

    Clean the registry.Deletes damaged and unwanted registry keys that may lead to a malfunction of the operating system.
    Cleaning system settings allow you to create system restore points before performing cleaning tasks, create files with an extended report, and display various warnings.

    Anti-theft for Windows devices

    The Anti-theft module allows you to remotely locate and track your Windows mobile devices on which your Panda Dome license is installed, through the Anti-theft module directly in the solution or through your Panda account.

    Online backup

    This module allows you to configure automatic backup of the required files and folders to the Mozy secure online storage. Under the Panda Dome license, 2 GB of space is provided. For ease of use, you can download a small utility on your PC, with which you can easily manage your backup.

    Virtual Keyboard

    In recent years, attacks that use keyloggers to track keystrokes on your PC have become widespread. Imagine that you connected to your online bank, and the hacker was able to track which keys you pressed when entering the password. In this case, the hacker will be able to use this information to connect to your account and steal your money.

    In this case, the use of a virtual keyboard will almost completely avoid tracking by keyloggers.

    The virtual keyboard settings allow you to enable the simultaneous display of several cursors so that it is impossible to track keystrokes visually, or not to show keystrokes at all.

    File Shredder

    This utility allows you to completely physically delete files from your hard drive without the possibility of recovery.

    File Encryptor

    A relatively simple utility for encrypting folders and files using special algorithms. This feature will be especially useful for laptop users, as in the event of the loss or theft of their mobile device, they will be able to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing their confidential information. Encrypted files can only be decrypted using this utility and provided that the password for decryption is known.

    When encrypting, you must specify (and confirm) the password, as well as configure additional options (whether you want to delete the original files, whether to encrypt as a self-extracting archive, whether to save the password in the password manager).

    At the same time, it is possible to generate a random password, taking into account a number of options.

    Password Manager

    Another very useful utility that allows you to manage passwords for all your accounts, providing the possibility of automatic authorization. It is no secret that it is highly recommended not to use the same password to access various online services and accounts, but, on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to remember all these passwords. In this case, Password Manager will help you., when using which you will need to remember only one master password to access this module, and it will encrypt and remember all other passwords itself. In addition, with the help of this utility you can create any, the most complex passwords that cannot be picked up in a reasonable amount of time.

    My devices

    This functionality allows you to connect to the list of your mobile devices (Windows, Android, iOS) that use the Panda Dome licenses tied to your account.

    Within this interface, you can check the operation status of these devices and their location (taking into account the geolocation information provided by the provider, mobile operator, the device itself), and in the case of Android devices, you can perform a number of remote tasks: take photos, lock the device, clear information on the device, turn on the alarm on the device, untie the device from the license.

    My Products

    This section allows you to manage your licenses:

    • List of licenses associated with your account with detailed information for each of them
    • Ability to add new licenses
    • Ability to change the tariff plan

    Security news

    The corresponding section of the Panda Dome interface (as well as at the bottom of the interface in the form of a running line) displays news announcements from the Panda media center on information security: information on threats, security tips, new technologies, news and events, PandaLabs reports and much more.

    Protection for Android

    Panda Dome is a multi-platform solution, offering also very light and functional protection for Android. This product was previously known as Panda Mobile Secuity.
    The design of the solution is made in a corporate style, unified with the protection module for Windows. The solution is equally optimized for both smartphones and tablets running Android.

    Antivirus and antispyware

    Checks installed applications before launching them for the first time. Also allows you to perform anti-virus scan of memory cards.

    Privacy Auditor

    Checks and displays access rights for installed applications.

    Task Killer

    Monitors the activity of applications installed on your Android device, displaying their size and the level of CPU / RAM consumption. Provides the ability to block required applications.

    Protection Anti-theft The

    anti-theft included in the Panda Dome offers the following features:

    Device locator. Allows you to remotely detect and track the location of a device from your Panda account

    Remote lock.Allows you to remotely lock your device with a PIN code in case of loss or theft

    Remote wipe. Allows you to remotely destroy all information from the device, restoring the device to the factory settings.

    To use the Anti-theft function, you must have a Panda account.

    VPN protection

    Panda Dome for Android includes a VPN module that is completely similar to what is present in protection for Android. By default, a free version with a limit of 150 MB / day and connecting only to the nearest proxy server is offered, but there is also a premium version without restrictions.

    Theft Notification

    Takes a photo from the device after three unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device and sends it to your email address along with information about the location of the device.

    Anti-theft alarm

    Turns on the device a special sound signal in case someone tries to take your device without your permission (in a restaurant, on the beach, in transport, in other public places ...). Product settings allow you to configure an alarm that is triggered when a device is moved.

    Remote siren

    Allows you to remotely turn on the siren on your device from your Panda account if your device has been lost or stolen. In addition, you can customize the text that will be displayed on the screen of the device, indicating, for example, your other contact phone number. The siren sounds on the device even if the sound is muted on it. The siren sounds at maximum volume.

    Remote Photo

    Allows you to take pictures remotely from your Panda account from your device. You can take pictures on demand or set this feature so that the device is photographed automatically at the moment when the alleged thief touches the screen. In this case, you will receive a letter with a photo and data on the location of the device.

    Application lock

    This feature allows you to restrict access to certain applications using a PIN code. In this case, you get the following benefits:

    Privacy protection. Prevents unauthorized access to messaging applications and social networking sites (email programs, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, LinkedIn), banking applications, etc.

    Parental controls. It restricts children's access to certain applications, games, etc.

    To use this function, you must set a PIN code to unlock and select those applications for which you want to block access. If you forget the PIN, you can reset it in your Panda account.

    Call blocking

    You can add the required phone numbers to the black list to protect yourself from unwanted calls. This function requires certain rights: access to the phone and contacts. You can select numbers from your contacts or call list, or add them manually. You can also block calls from unknown and hidden numbers.

    Smart Watch integration with Android Wear

    Panda Dome for Android allows you to pair your Android Wear smart watch with your Panda Dome protected Android mobile device. In this case, you can perform the following actions:

    • Run checks on demand
    • Remotely take pictures from the device’s camera
    • Turn on the siren on the device
    • Set up anti-theft alarms so that when you remove your smart watch from your mobile device, the siren will sound on the latter.

    Security News

    As with Panda Dome for Windows, Android protection shows announcements of information security news from the Panda media center.

    Protection for Mac

    Panda Dome offers protection for Mac computers, and in the new version, users already receive a product 100% developed by Panda Security. The protection design for Mac is made in the traditional proprietary "Makovsky" style. At the moment, protection for Mac does not yet have support for the Russian language, but in the future it is planned to localize the interface.

    Antivirus and antispyware

    Malware protection scans your computer to detect and eliminate malware infections. The solution uses various detection techniques: a cloud-based knowledge base Collective intelligence, local signatures, and cloud-based heuristic technologies.

    In addition, you can run checks on demand. In this case, the following scan types are available to you:

    Check critical areas. Checks those areas of the computer where it is most often possible to find malware (processes in memory, cookies, etc.)

    Full scan. Scans the entire computer

    Spot scan. Allows you to select the folders and zones that you want to check.

    It is also possible to set the schedule of inspections (daily, weekly, monthly).

    Safe Browsing

    Like protection for Windows, there is also a Safe Browsing module, which acts as a web protection. This module automatically detects servers containing malicious programs and phishing sites.

    Functions for iOS The

    small Panda Dome agent for iOS allows you to connect the Anti-Theft function, although in a rather truncated version. In this case, you can only get the device’s locator function so that you can locate and track the device’s location remotely from your Panda account.

    Cross platform services

    In addition to the direct protection agents installed directly on devices with Windows, Android and Mac, users of Panda solutions gain access to cross-platform cloud services: Panda account , Panda Cloud Drive and Panda Premium Services .

    Panda Account

    This is a home-based cloud console to which your licenses for all Panda home products are tied. Thanks to this console, you can always see all of your licenses, renew them, download the latest distributions of the products available to you, use the anti-theft features with remote control options for mobile devices, and manage your registration data.

    Access to the account is carried out both from Panda products, and directly through the browser using the link:myaccount.pandasecurity.com .

    Panda Cloud Drive

    Panda Cloud Drive is a service available from a Panda account that offers users 20 GB of secure cloud space for backing up, synchronizing files and sharing them with other devices. This service is available only to users of the most expensive Premium plan.

    In addition to the above advantages, using Panda Cloud Drive, you can also automatically take photos from your smartphone to all your devices and the devices of your friends with whom you want to share them.

    In addition to the automatic backup (backup) of computer files, you can also backup your photos and contacts stored on your mobile device.

    To use this service, you need to enable it in your Panda account. You can work with this service from any mobile device running Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry.

    Premium Services

    Users of the Panda Dome premium plan have access to the Panda Premium Service premium services provided by highly qualified engineers to help users configure and optimize the operation of their devices, update the operating system, troubleshoot, remove viruses, configure devices and WiFi, configure privacy and security options in social networks.

    Access to premium services is carried out both through the Panda account, and directly from the product. However, keep in mind that at the moment these services are provided only in English.

    System requirements

    As we said above, Panda Dome is one of the lightest products due to its “cloudiness”, and therefore has quite affordable minimum system requirements, which allows the product to work seamlessly on most devices, even quite old ones.


    • Operating system: XP SP3 and higher (32 bit), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32 and 64 bit)
    • Processor: Pentium 300 MHz and higher
    • RAM: 128 or 256 MB
    • Hard disk: 240 MB free space
    • Browser: MS Internet Explorer 6 and higher

    When using the VPN option, Windows 7 and above and NET.Framework 4.6 and above are required.


    • Operating system: Android 4 and above
    • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.10 and higher
    • Hard drive: 200 MB of free space
    iPhone / iPad
    • Operating system: iOS 7 and higher


    Panda Dome user can contact technical support by various ways: directly from the product interface, through the site, by phone or by email.

    Contacts of the Russian-speaking technical support service Panda Security:
    • support@rus.pandasecurity.com
    • +7 (495) 105-94-51

    Tariff plans

    As we have already said, a feature of the new Panda Dome solution is that now the user is offered a single product with a single distribution, but with different tariff plans and additional add-ons.
    New tariff plans with products from the previous line are correlated as follows:

    Below is a complete table of product functionality depending on the tariff plan:

    In addition to standard tariff plans, additional add-ons are available that can be added to your tariff plan:

    Panda Cleanup - allows you to optimize your PC with Windows (defragmentation, cleaning unnecessary files, boot manager, cleaning the registry)

    Panda VPN Premium- the ability to access the Internet through secure proxies via a secure VPN channel with a number of additional advantages: secure WiFi connections, anonymous browsing, access to blocked Internet content in the country, anonymity of IP addresses, lack of Internet advertising. License for 5 devices

    Panda Total Care - Panda Premium Services plus 24/7 technical support. Available for all operating systems Windows, Android, Mac iOS

    Panda Passwords - provides access to the password manager. Available for all operating systems Windows, Android, Mac iOS. This add-on will be available soon

    Panda Family- Provides access to parental control. Available for all operating systems Windows, Android, Mac iOS. This add-on will be available in the near future.

    Sales of the Panda Dome solution in Russia and the CIS countries will begin in the coming month. At the moment, Russian prices have not yet been determined, although most likely they will be approximately in the same ranges as the previous line of 2017: for example, Panda Antivirus Pro, equipped with an antivirus and firewall, costs 1 year for 3 devices for 1 year 1200 rubles.


    The new Panda Dome solution continues the best traditions of previous Panda home product lines, providing lightweight, effective and easy-to-use protection.
    The lightness of the installed agent allows it to work seamlessly for the user, even on older computers running Windows XP.

    The effectiveness of the solution is due to the high level of protection against new and unknown threats. In particular, the well-known events of 2017 with new viruses showed that Panda users were reliably protected from Petya, WannaCry and other lesser-known “surprises”.

    The effectiveness of the solution is confirmed by the high results that Panda demonstrates in comparative tests, for example, AV-Comparatives: over the past years, Panda has shown the best results every month in the most serious testing of protection in real conditions, Real-World Protection Test, having won gold at the end of 2017. medal.

    Home Panda antivirus is created on the basis of the “Installed and Forgot” principle. First of all, it is intended for ordinary users who do not need hundreds of different options for fine-tuning, they need a product that will provide easy and reliable effective protection that does not require any special attention and does not interfere with their own affairs (walk on sites, watch movies, listen to music, work with documents). Ideally, the user should completely forget that he has an antivirus installed.

    So if the main thing for you is not to check, but to go, then the Panda antivirus is perhaps the best option.

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