Final of the International Student Programming Contest Live

    On April 19, that is, tonight, at 4 o'clock Moscow time, the finals of the International Student Programming Olympiad ( ICPC ) will start , in which 11 Russian teams will take part. Tournament favorites are ITMO University, Moscow State University and MIPT. The strongest foreign competitors are Peking University, Xinhua University (China) and Seoul National University (Korea).

    ICPC Final 2017

    For the past six years, the ICPC World Cup has been passed to each other by the teams of ITMO University and SPbU. We cross our fingers and we will wait for the seventh consecutive victory for Russia.

    Few facts

    • In 2018, competitions are held for the 42nd time.
    • About 50,000 software students from 111 countries and 3,100 universities participated in the regional qualifying rounds of ICPC 2018. For comparison: 11 544 athletes competed at all stages of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio.
    • In the final of the ICPC 2018 World Cup, 140 teams from more than 50 countries compete.
    • Russian teams in the final of ICPC 2018 represent 11 universities from six cities:
      1. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
      2. Moscow State University
      3. ITMO University (St. Petersburg),
      4. St. Petersburg State University,
      5. High School of Economics,
      6. Moscow Aviation Institute,
      7. Novosibirsk State University
      8. Perm State University,
      9. Saratov State University,
      10. Academic University (St. Petersburg),
      11. Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg).

    Competition Rules

    To qualify for the final competition, teams must first qualify at their university, and then a regional tour (regional semi-final). So, in the qualifying round in Russia and the CIS, more than 300 teams participated. According to the results of the semi-finals, 16 teams representing Northern Eurasia were selected according to the best results.

    In one team there can be no more than three students not older than 25 years. Those who twice participated in the world finals are not allowed to participate in the championship. In five hours, programmers must solve from 8 to 12 algorithmic problems, the conditions of which are written in English.

    Teams write solutions in Java, C, C ++, Python and Kotlin and send them to the testing server.

    Programs are tested on a large number of input tests unknown to the participants. If the program gave the wrong answer or did not meet the time or memory limits, a message about this is sent to the team, after which the participants can send the corrected version. The task is considered solved if the program gave the correct answers on all tests. Unlike other olympiads, partial decisions are not taken into account. The team that solved the largest number of problems correctly wins. If several teams solve the same number of problems, then their position in the ranking is determined by the penalty time.

    The peculiarity of the tasks is that their conditions are close to those that can be encountered by practical programmers at work. One computer is given per command without access to the Internet or another external network. The guys must show the teamwork skills that are required when developing a real software product in any IT company. In addition to logic and the ability to work under pressure, competitors must demonstrate the skills of team play and the correct distribution of roles. As the organizers note, in order to solve some problems, just accuracy and care are enough. For other tasks, an in-depth knowledge of various algorithms is required.

    Tasks are checked automatically by tests that are pre-compiled by the jury; decisions are checked in real time. The completeness and speed of the task, as well as the number of attempts that the team made when solving a particular problem, are taken into account.

    ICPC champions receive the World Cup and a substantial cash prize of $ 15,000. Other prize-winning teams also do not leave without material compensation. The teams that won the first four places will receive gold medals and at $ 7,500. From fifth to eighth place - silver medals and $ 6,000. And those participants who finish the competition in the ninth - twelfth place become owners of bronze medals and 3,000 dollars.

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