Rustam Mehmandarov and Alexander Tarasov - semantic miracles and automation of experiments on

    On April 5, 2018, just before the JPoint 2018 conference , the next meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers was held . Rustam Mehmandarov spoke about the experience of solving problems using Apache Jena . Alexander Tarasov spoke about the use of Kotlin- based DSL to automate experiments.

    About speakers

    Rustam performs at for the first time . Lives in Oslo, Norway. He is the leader of the JavaZone conference and a member of the Norwegian Java User Group , javaBin . Has the title of Java Champion , received in 2017 . Rustam website with a blog and a section listing conference speeches . The blog has an article , which has a direct relation to the theme of his speech at . Some reports of Rustam:

    • Field Notes of a Command Line Ninja ( High Load Strategy 2016 : video )
    • “Your phone is snitching on you” ( Riga Dev Days 2017 : video )
    • “The Magic Of Regular Expressions” ( JavaDay UA 2017 : video )
    • “Wifi Security, or Lack Thereof” ( Voxxed Days Belgrade 2017 : video )
    • “Typical problems of software development in large projects” ( JPoint 2018 : presentation , video is available so far only to conference participants)

    Alexander is a frequent participant in technical conferences and a regular speaker at meetings ( his previous report was on July 27, 2017). Sasha's reports at conferences from his last speech:

    • “Service Discovery: more than it seems” ( : video )
    • “Automation of experiments using Kotlin DSL” ( Kotlin Night Moscow 2017 : video )
    • “Spring Cloud and client load balancing” ( JavaDay UA 2017 : video )
    • “Balancing client requests with Spring Cloud” ( JBreak 2018 : presentation )

    About reports

    Andrey Kogun welcomes Rustam at the beginning of the meeting and announces the upcoming two reports. In the first report (about “semantic magic, logic puzzles and Java”), Zebra Puzzle (aka Einstein's Riddle ) was used as an example to discuss and demonstrate technologies . First, the theoretical foundations were presented (with reference to RDF , RDFS and OWL ), then the Apache Jena library was demonstrated . GitHub project code , blog article . During the break in the conversation, practical examples that were encountered were also mentioned.

    In the second report, Sasha was given the concepts of an experiment (what is being automated) associated with this problem. Disabling and enabling features in the Odnoklassniki interface has been demonstrated vividly and at ease . The development and use of DSL in the Kotlin language was completed step by step . Both reports aroused keen interest of the audience, a desire to reflect and get answers to questions. Presentation of reports by Rustam and Alexander . Photos will soon appear on VK and Google+ , videos on YouTube . It is possible to subscribe to the newsletter to receive announcements of the next meetings


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