ActiveDirectory Integration into Aether Management Console

    Automatic integration of ActiveDirectory with the new Aether Security Management Console allows you to quickly implement security and easily manage it.

    Many organizations and enterprises have an Active Directory server installed. The new Aether management console for managing Panda Endpoint Protection , Endpoint Protection Plus , Adaptive Defense, and Adaptive Defense 360 cloud-based enterprise information security solutions can automatically retrieve the configured Active Directory structure and replicate it to the group list in the organizational tree of computers. In this case, you can see the Active Directory folders in the Aether management console., which will allow you to find computers more easily and faster, install protection on them and manage them.

    To automatically reproduce the entire Active Directory structure in the Aether management console, the local Panda agent automatically submits to the web console the Active Directory group to which the computer on which this agent is installed belongs. Therefore, as local agents are installed on the computers of the enterprise, the organizational computer tree in the Panda web console begins to fill up with the Active Directory structure with computers attached to its folders.

    Active Directory folders cannot be changed in the Aether management console. they will only change when changes are made to Active Directory itself, which will be updated in the Aether console within 15 minutes.

    So, to display the Active Directory structure in the Aether console, you need to have local Panda corporate solution agents installed on the computers.

    Setting security with Active Directory

    To quickly and easily install the Panda enterprise solution in the enterprise network on Windows computers, you can use various methods of remote and centralized installation, both integrated into the Aether management console, and third-party systems for remote and centralized software implementation, including Active Directory.

    Below I will describe the steps for implementing, for example, Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ( Pand a corporate solution , managed through the Aether management console) on Windows computers on a network with Active Directory using the GPO (Group Policy Object).

    Download and share the Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ​​installer.

    For a quick installation, you can take a standard installer with standard settings, as All required security settings can be applied later. For how to download the Panda Adaptive Defense installer, see my previous article, “Aether Management Console: How to Deploy Enterprise Security,” in the chapter “Panda Quick Launch”.

    Once you have downloaded the installer, place it in the shared folder, which will be available for all computers where you want to install the local Panda agent.

    In Active Directory, create a new OU (Organizational Unit)

    Open the Active Directory Users and Computers applet , in which create a new unit called Adaptive Defense .

    Open Group Policy Management and inDomains right- click on the newly created OU Adaptive Defense to select Block inheritance from the menu to block inheritance.

    Now create a new GPO in the Adaptive Defense unit .

    Add a new installation package to the created GPO.

    Go to editing the newly created GPO.

    Add a new installation package that contains the Panda Adaptive Defense 360 installer . To do this, you will be prompted to add the installer to the GPO.

    Change the deployment settings

    Go to Properties -> Deployment -> Advancedand check the checkbox to ignore the language when installing the installation package.

    After that, in the Adaptive Defense unit that you created in Active Directory Users and Computers , add all the network computers on which the Panda Adaptive Defense 360 installer should be installed .

    As a result, as local Panda agents are installed in the Computers section of the Aether Management Web Console, the organizational tree will be populated with the Active Directory folder structure with the computers attached to them.

    Active Directory Folder Actions

    Integration of Active Directory folders into the Aether management console allows you to quickly find the computer you need in the corresponding AD folder, as well as perform various tasks both with respect to these folders and the computers attached to them.

    For example, in relation to a folder, you can perform the following actions:

    • Run anti-virus scan on all computers in this folder
    • Schedule any task provided in the Aether management console
    • Isolate (stop isolating) computers in this folder from the network
    • Restore all computers in this folder if you previously manually moved any of these computers to another group in the Aether management console
    • Apply the required settings for computers, network and security to all computers in this AD folder.

    And in relation to computers in the folder, you can perform the following actions:

    • Move to another folder or delete
    • Run antivirus scan
    • Schedule any task required by the Aether management console
    • To restart a computer
    • Isolate this computer from network communications.
    • Report a problem with this computer to Panda Technical Support


    Now you know how to easily and easily install Panda corporate protection using Active Directory, as well as integrate its folder structure into the organizational tree of computers in the Aether management console.

    This approach is very useful for medium and large networks, as allows you to automate, and therefore increase the efficiency and speed of implementation of corporate protection and management.

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