Cryptobankomat, contemporary art and Russian officials

The other day, crypto-minds and blockchain enthusiasts gathered in Moscow as part of the work of the BlockchainRF-2018 Congress. The sophisticated Moscow audience had something to see: a crypto-bank machine, a portrait of the Crypto-mom and more than 200 experts of the crypto industry.

Contemporary art

If cryptocurrency is not of particular interest to you, then it is simply impossible to pass by modern art. Forgive me the author of these masterpieces, but unfortunately the photo is not visible signature.

Crypto mom


and cryptopapa


Crypto ATM!

I heard a lot about crypto vending machines, finally I managed to see them live. As I understand it, it was a test version, offering the sale / purchase of BTC, ETH and LTC. It works only with cash - no cards or PayPal, only fiat. I’m a spoiled person with a modern card system, I didn’t have any cash with me. Therefore, I could not buy anything, but it’s a pity, the rate was even better than in some online exchangers.


They produce this crypto miracle in Europe, representatives say that it’s safer there, in Russia they can also put such equipment under the article “illegal banking”. To my question, how were they able to conduct this crypto machine on the territory of Russia and present it at an official event with the participation of officials, the guys mysteriously smiled ...

There was no doubt that there was something to see and listen to at the event. The organizers tried to cover all areas of interest: practical tips on how to conduct ISO, legislative support, training for the digital digital economy, master classes in IT security. The work of the Congress was divided into 5 platforms and not one of them was empty for two days.

What was interesting

Firstly, the creation of the Russian pool of miners. It is planned to unite Russian miners, which, according to the statement of RAKIBA, are 75,000 and these are only mining enterprises in Russia. Of course, the issue of taxing miners was again discussed and whether it is considered “mined” as income. The State Duma has already received 3 bills, but what we get at the exit is unknown. According to one of them, it is proposed to equate miners with IP, though they promise 2 years of tax holidays. Let's see ...

- I believe that operations with cryptocurrencies should be withdrawn from VAT. At the same time, miners say they are mining digital gold. This is a joke, but if they continue to say so, they will wait for a tax on mining, ”said Ilya Kucherov (Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation).

Secondly, all interested parties were invited to participate in the development of the legislative framework and unite in a self-regulatory organization of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Russian experience of SROs is not very successful, recall at least the construction of SROs. He speaks hard about the prospects of such an organization, the main thing is not to interfere.

Thirdly, RACIB will file a lawsuit against Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yandex due to the ban on advertising ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Rakibovtsi intends to go to American courts through the new Eurasian Association. In the light of the latest international events, I think this business is not very promising, but as a way of PR it works fine.

For two days, experts and entrepreneurs discussed the prospects for the development of crypto industries. The officials also distinguished themselves:

- German and I, as officials, were allowed by the Ministry of Labor to keep accounts in bitcoins. The official statement was. Then they began to say that, on the contrary, they would begin to put me in prison for this ... - Boris Titov (authorized under the president for protecting the rights of entrepreneurs) told about the sad everyday life of officials.

- We will not propagate officials. Roskryptonadzor will not appear, ”German Klimenko (Presidential Advisor on Internet) assured everyone.

I think it is worth stopping on this promising phrase, there was a lot of interesting and useful at this event, thanks to the speakers and organizers.


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