Once again about JetBrains Open Day in Moscow

    Hello! We are very pleased that the event aroused great interest. A lot of participants registered: so much does not fit in the office. Therefore, we decided to rent a room and hold the event on the same day: April 19th.

    So: Crystal Ballroom Banquet Hall in Moscow City, 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage, Building 21, Building 2. Fourth floor.


    18:30 - Meet the guests. Coffee, sweets.

    19:00 - Kotlin programming language. What is it and why. Roman Belov, PMM at Kotlin.

    19:45 - “Xodus” - a database in which YouTrack stores bugs. Maxim Mazin, Team Lead at YouTrack.
    19:45 - Experience in developing a full-stack application on Kotlin. Sergey Shkredov, Team Lead in a new product.

    20:30 - The evolution of features in IntelliJ IDEA. Nikolay Chashnikov, Team Lead at IDEA Core.
    20:30 - How we at Rider improve performance. Andrey Akinshin,
    Senior developer at Rider.

    21:15 - Lack of Minimum processes is also a process. Sergey Kuks, .NET Department Lead.

    22:00 - Questions and Answers: an open discussion with Maxim Shafirov, CEO of JetBrains.

    Papers that start at the same time will run in parallel in different rooms.

    Please register on TimePad if you have not registered yet. We want to understand how much food and drink you need. To everyone who has already registered, we will send a letter with a new address. We wait!

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