Work with notifications about events of IOT objects and GPS trackers

The VIALATM service has completely updated the system for creating and working with notifications about events of IOT objects and GPS trackers. Notifications can be generated on events of entry / exit from geofences; the lack of receipt of messages from the object within a given time; events generated on objects and any of the attributes of messages coming from objects.

When setting up a notification, the following are defined: the condition under which it is formed; notification text and the channels through which it will be delivered.

If the SOS substring is present in the notification title , then when a notification arrives in the web client of the service, a modal window appears with the message text. In order to transfer the attribute value in the message body, the substring % 1 must be specified in the message body.

If for a group of devices you need to create the same type of notifications, then you do not need to define them for each object. You can define notifications for a group. If notifications are defined for the object, then the settings for the object are applied, otherwise the notification settings for the group are checked.

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