March 24, Moscow - CocoaHeads Special Event

    Hello, Habr!

    This Saturday, March 24, there will be a useful and interesting event for all iOS developers - CocoaHeads Special Event.

    We will be represented by Ilya iltsarev Tsarev, Head of iOS Alfa-Bank with a report on the iterative development of Feedback Driven Development.

    And now for the details.
    I’ll talk about how to design and develop a system that allows you to flexibly control the functionality of your application directly in production and at the same time conduct many experiments.

    Unfortunately, in product development, it is not uncommon for a couple of weeks to develop something, test it for a few more weeks, then release it, and after the release comes the understanding that everything does not work as users need. The result - lost time, collective frustration and the sad eyes of the product specialist.

    Of course, the situation needs to be corrected.

    When and where

    Saturday March 24, from 12.00 Moscow time, Mail.Ru Group Moscow office

    , 39, Leningradsky prospect, p. 79

    Participants gathering and registration - from 11.00

    Start of reports - from 12.00

    Who else will

    • Samvel Majlumyan, CocoaHeads, iOS developer with the report “Product and development, or why it is important to be not only a programmer”
    • Vladislav Mikhailenko, Mail.Ru Group, project, iOS developer “Once again about Objective-C ++, or how to stop being afraid and fall in love with C ++”
    • Artem Razinov, Avito, iOS-developer “Native UI tests that work”
    • Alexander Goremykin, Yandex, Yandex.Mart mobile development group “UILabel Magic or Autolayout Private API”
    • Alexander Balaban, Badoo, iOS Engineer “Adult life” of an iOS developer: how to build processes in a fast-growing team ”

    You can register here .

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