Program of the conference Neurodata Lab and NRU ITMO on Emotion AI, St. Petersburg, March 30

    We remind you that just a little more than a week remains before the conference “Emotion AI: new challenges for science and education, new business opportunities”. The one-day event, co-organized by Neurodata Lab LLC and NRU ITMO, will be held on Friday, March 30, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ITMO, Exchange line d. 14).

    Registration is available here .

    A preliminary program is available in the body of the publication.


    Preliminary conference program:

    I. Emotion AI Industry

    • Emotion AI & Affective Computing: a science perspective, relevant research (Olga Perepelkina, Chief Research Scientist, Neurodata Lab LLC)
    • Emotion AI as a new technology market: global landscape, trends and cases (Igor Levin, Executive Director, Neurodata Lab LLC)
    • Government funding programs Neuronet (Vitaliy Zubchenko, head of the project office of NeuroNet ITMO University)
    • Emotion AI Patent Documents Strategies for Leading US and Japanese Companies (Nikolai Zaichenko, Nevsky IP Law)

    II. Project block

    • What does small and medium business know about emotion recognition? The results of the first stage of the study among companies in St. Petersburg. Presentation of the Mimika project (Anton Zaslavsky, CEO Emotional Technologies Ltd)
    • On modern neural network methods for processing emotional speech (Grigory Sterling, Neurodata Lab LLC)
    • Neural network processing of individuals and its features (Andrey Belyaev, Neurodata Lab LLC)
    • Interactive installation based on the established relationship between human brain activity and stage action (NeuroArt) - (Daria Cheremisina, ITMO University)
    • Emotional intelligence in a big city (Dmitry Kem, Emotian)
    • EEG based emotion recognition algorithm (Adele Adiatullin, Neurotrend)
    • The future of the media market: using a biomusical approach to increase the availability of emotional data (Sergey Parshchikov, CEO Remedi)
    • Actual tasks and achievements of speech paralinguistic analysis systems (Oksana Verkholyak, Alyona Velichko, SPIIRAS)
    • Technologies for emotional robots: from understanding the text to the synthesis of behavior (Artemy Kotov, SIC Kurchatov Institute)
    • Humanteq: digital footprints and psychometry in the context of recognizing human emotions and behavior (Sergey Titov, Humanteq)

    Absentee participation. InTouch project: a wearable gadget with emotion recognition technology based on physiology (Anastasia Stelvaga, Alexander Martynov, inTouch, Skoltech)

    III. Open Collaboration Initiatives

    • Emotion Miner Platform and the Neurodata Lab AI Hub Concept (Olga Perepelkina, Igor Levin, Neurodata Lab LLC)
    • Russian library for neural networks Puzzle.lib (Stanislav Ashmanov, general director of the company "Neural networks Ashmanova")
    • Emotional artificial intelligence is the basis for building VR-entertainment and educational materials in the era of the cognitive revolution. Cases and perspectives (Alexey Kozulyaev, RuFilms, School of Audiovisual Translation)
    • Open source project of NRU ITMO with FEFU “Neurotechnologies, VR / AR” (Vitaliy Zubchenko, Natalya Lukovnikova, ITMO University)

    Discussion and bilateral meetings

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