Seminar “Development vs Operation. Why Neither Agile nor DevOps is a Magic Pill, March 22, Moscow

    We are launching a new line of DataLine Universities - seminars on supporting Internet projects and the interaction of development and operation.

    The format will also be new - now we will conduct online broadcasts from all our seminars!

    Date : March 22 in Moscow.
    Theme : “Development vs Operation. Why is neither Agile nor DevOps a magic pill, and how to live with it. ”
    Moderator : Alexey Pristavko , Director of Web Projects DataLine.

    There are only a few places left, we will be glad to see IT directors, managers and engineers of the development and operation teams, managers and managers of web projects and all those who are responsible for the performance and operation of large sites.

    What will be discussed:

    • Development and operation - what, why and why.
    • Dev and Ops - who is who.
    • Dev vs Ops: the essence of the conflict and solutions.
    • Waterfall is a classic release model.
    • Why Agile is not a magic pill for a project.
    • What are DevOps and DevOps in Russian.
    • An integrated approach to managing an online project.

    Register for a seminar or sign up for an online broadcast .

    See you on March 22 !

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