1C and Yandex. Cloud Compute Cloud. Along and across

    Fight and search. Find and hide

    A fairly popular saying in the days of the Union.

    And now, those from whom the 1C server in the local network dreams to bring it to the cloud, and those from whom in the cloud to buy their own in the local network.

    December 7, 2018 AlexandrSurkov invited those who wish: Yandex opens the Cloud. Architecture of a new platform.

    As a regular user, I didn’t have something to occupy this resource, but as a 1C-nickname, I thought: Wouldn’t a puruka not be? And I tried to put in the cloud from Yandex 1C Enterprise.

    Testing Yandex.Oblako Compute Cloud for 1C The company has left a pleasant impression on me.

    Maybe someone will repeat it and bring more clarity to the settings of virtual servers, the use of API and so on. Interested please continue reading ...

    I used to keep money at home under the sofa.
    Worried of course. Returning from work I checked how they are there.
    To fix this, I took them to the bank.
    Now I worry even more.
    Now I need to go to check on the spot whether my bank.
    standup performance

    Problem Statement

    I do not consider the best solution to move work with 1C from a local network to the cloud. But times are changing and at the moment I at least represent the specifics of the company, which may be useful. If its activity is tied to online trading. Then it is just more important that online shopping and 1C Enterprise be as close as possible to each other. And for such a company, cloud infrastructure is a great way out, plus savings on the office.
    A man comes to the shop "Parts", asks:
    - Are there spare parts for the Niva?
    - Got what exactly do you want?
    - Well, there, ... wire, electrical tape ...
    - There are of course. Strange you Niva. Spare parts from UAZ fit ...
    anecdot.ru *

    Do not forget that Yandex came to the field of virtual servers with a big delay. During this time, some stereotypes have already been formed here and the leaders have decided.

    Obviously, in Yandex, AWS or AZURE were taken as a prototype, and they are not very suitable for hosting 1C

    for psychological reasons
    Финансовому директору и руководству в целом не интересны варианты оплаты «за ресурсы», они хотят заплатить в месяц определенную сумму и получить гарантированное качество. Можно конечно в нерабочее время останавливать сервера и подэкономиться, но обычно есть жаворонки которые работают с утра, есть совы, которые работают по ночам, а есть дятлы, которые работают круглосуточно. а по выходным с утра еще и перфоратором

    However, there is no thing that cannot be adapted on the farm, having previously processed the file, there were holidays ahead, and you can measure Yandex.Oblaco up and down.
    A New Year programmer differs from ordinary days in that mandarins lie next to a cup of coffee.
    The New Year holidays are long, at that time I had two good things in my hands: 1C server key and cloud hosting, so I tried to use the time between the Olivier, champagne and the President’s greetings, to the maximum.

    • Заодно получился небольшой батл между Postgres vs Microsoft SQL (модная нынче тенденция)
    • Заодно получилось потестировать разные варианты замера производительности и получить ответы на некоторые вопросы

    The cloud from Yandex supports both linux and windows, so there are four options that, as it turned out later, were wrong, because the server showed different results under different load.

    Those who do not like a lot of letters

    When used when using Yandex. Oblako, Compute Cloud does not leave a feeling of unbearable lightness of being.

    Still, for a start, you only need a Yandex account and a credit card with 2 rubles in the account.
    The interface is thought out and concise, all actions are intuitive.

    For a test period, 4,000 rubles are issued. In theory, this should be enough for a preliminary acquaintance.

    And the company with two - three dozen users of 1C, it should completely arrange.
    Prices are slightly higher than those of competitors with a smaller size (pun intended), but it is clear that here you pay for a brand, it always happens.

    And for guaranteed reliability, this is not always the case. The story has not yet been forgotten how connections with AWS fell from the telegrams.

    In addition, a little cheaper, more pleasant and comfortable - it's all over the hill from the imperialists, and Yandex is ours, let's not forget about the FZ-152.

    Plus will be API and Russian-language support. There are certainly more advantages, you can deal with them for months.

    Especially if the hosting online store will be there.

    Among the noted drawbacks: there is no possibility to load your pre-configured disk image from windows and connect the LiveCD.

    Bottom line: my recommendation for using the

    results table:

    Not difficult, without culinary delights, works.

    Surely over time there will be a sufficient number of fans, it will give an opportunity to bypass some of the rakes, finding them on the forums, before they come.
    The husband stands on the scales and diligently pulls in the stomach.
    A passing wife smirks:
    - Do you think this will help you?
    - Of course it will help, I will see the arrows.

    In this article, I do not pretend to the role of the universal oracle.

    Perhaps, the results given in it are different from those that you receive on Yandex.Oblako Compute Cloud, from those that you receive on other hosting systems.

    Just the goal of it - so that you see the arrows. In other words - a kind of stove, from which you can dance when choosing a server for 1C.

    Based not only on cost and empirical considerations, but also on the results of our own or (perhaps providers will also read it) tests prepared by hosting providers.

    Those who are not afraid of many letters - there will be many more pictures, let's start

    All measurements carried out in this article are supported by screenshots, so it will be a good tone, except for your invaluable experience and a huge amount of knowledge, to support your comments in the comments at least with something in return.

    It was tempting to immediately select an image with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express preinstalled, but this option did not take off.

    Well, maybe take off, but nizenko . The server started with a 100% processor load created by the Trusted installer, and so it continued to live with it.

    As I understand it, windows rushed for updates and support for the Russian language, and there he liked.

    There was no wish to arrange dances with a tambourine when the smell of fried chicken was already in the apartment, and the virtual machine went to the basket.

    But completely according to the instructionsServer 1C: Enterprise on Ubuntu 16.04 and PostgreSQL 9.6, for those who want to know its taste. A recipe from Captain server took off on Ubuntu 16.04. 3926.72 Р per month

    Yandex is understandably a pre-installed server image, the connection goes via SSH

    therefore, they were reinstalled ...
    Xfce desktop environment sudo apt-get install xfce4
    xrdp the remote desktop agent sudo apt-get install xrdp
    После этого к серверу появилась возможность подключиться по rdp и стартовать клиентскую часть 1С Предприятие.

    And of course, windows-2012 5754.22 R started a month without any questions .

    Simple calculations can be understood that for a Microsoft Windows Server 201 (x) license you give 1827.50 P per month.

    I understand that I cannot use my license for now.

    Having caught the server, look around. Namely, we run the tests crystal disk mark, winrar and 7zip .

    Why test archivers? Then, after 10 minutes, you can understand what the server is in front of you in terms of speed (leaving reliability behind the brackets, you will not understand this in 10 minutes)
    The indicators are, in principle, average.

    Flat hard disk indicators, in my segment you don’t often see such, usually something is overwhelmed.

    For a virtual machine with windows 2016, there are several others. Perhaps the speed of disk access depends on the total load of physical iron (just as an assumption).

    Internet access speed is impressive.

    It was mysterious that with the stated physical location in the Russian Federation, advertising is shown in Finnish. Later figured it out by reading the Yandex blog .

    Looking at the properties of the network adapter, you can guess what the host is assembled on.

    We start tests more

    seriously HammerDB TPC-C - a detailed description is here on the Habré in the article.
    Especially since Postgres and Microsoft SQL can be installed on Ubuntu and Windows servers.

    Postgres 9.6 server at the time of the article - the maximum of 1C supported.
    Postgres settings - recommended by 1C, with the exception of one parameter, did not grow together with it, the server simply did not start.

    Read more ...

    С высокой долей вероятности дело в виртуальности дисков, на которую не закладывались при написании инструкции.

    The result of the Ubuntu Postgres

    bundle. The result of the Ubuntu MS SQL bundle.

    Measuring the Ubuntu server, you can see that, on two virtual users, Microsoft SQL results are better.

    On a Windows server, even with this dimension, Microsoft SQL leads Postgres significantly.
    The result is a bunch of Windows + Postgres, better than Ubuntu + Postgres, but not much.

    The result of the combination of Windows + Microsoft SQL is the absolute leader.

    As the load increases, the Microsoft server scales linearly.

    The load on all indicators also grows linearly.

    But Postgres did not pull 50 virtual users and rested in turn to the disk

    for 20 users. Again, on Ubuntu for 20 virtual users, it gave again similar indicators for

    Ubuntu + Postgres

    Ubuntu + Microsoft SQL

    Intermediate Findings:

    • Postgres is currently better to use in Linux, in Windows it may be entry-level projects with a small load on the database server.
    • Microsoft has confirmed stability even in a foreign field, on its own it leads unconditionally.
    • Also without tuning the kernel, disk subsystem, etc. Postgres even gets tired of Linux earlier, but at the load that it can hold him in the teeth more evenly.

    Well, under the screams: We're 1C-nicknames, we need to measure from 1C, go to tests for 1C

    here we managed to check the bundles

    • Windows + MS SQL
    • Windows + Postgres
    • Ubuntu + Postgres
    • Ubuntu + MS SQL 2019 1C The company did not accept (which is not surprising)

    1C server is 32-bit, database server is 64-bit.

    The version of the 1C: Enterprise 8.3 platform (

    We start with a test from gilev.ru.

    If you believe it, then a bunch of Ubuntu + Postgres are 20% preferable over the Windows + Postgres and Windows + MS SQL variants


    Moving on to the tests from fragster.ru

    Here the picture changes and becomes similar to the tests from HammerDB.

    And also all the stories about 1C and Postgres.

    On a part of the server’s tests go “nostrils to nostrils”, on temporary tables MS SQL is much better.

    But if it is fair, everyone is interested in how fast specific users work in a particular configuration and mainly during working hours.

    It shows APDEX with sufficient confidence, at least it uses 1C and there is no reason not to trust.

    Therefore, the third test for 1C is an ordinary 1C demo database for Accounting 3.0 and processing simulating the work of 30 users, each of whom in the interval of 30 seconds performs some action in the information database.

    Read more ...
    Выбраны ключевые показатели типичные для работы обычной бухгалтерии — открытие форм справочников номенклатура и контрагенты, копирование и проведение документов поступление на расчетный счет и списание с расчетного счета и поступления и реализации товаров, а также открытие форм этих документов.

    Замеры так же производятся типовой встроенной подсистемой конфигурации БСП Оценка производительности.

    Windows + MS SQL Server and Ubuntu + Postgres gave the highest possible result at the output. A

    bunch of Windows + Postgres worked worse.

    However, the lag behind the leader wasn’t terrible, but recalling the cost of the MS SQL license for 30 users was very small.

    At least in the assessment of "good" all met.

    To clean the conscience was installed on Windows Postgres 10, I remember it promised the best compatibility.

    Maybe I didn’t know about some magical parameter, but he didn’t give any profit:

    Since such a binge went (and the binge was just ending), it was still installed on Windows Microsoft SQL 2019:

    I had worse results than all previous ones . But here nobody actually promised anything.

    Spent about half of the funds allocated for testing.

    At this point, you can sum up the full result - Yandex.Oblako Compute Cloud, although a new but very worthy player in the cloud server market.

    Including for hosting infrastructure 1C Enterprise for small and medium-sized companies, if they really need hosting in the cloud.

    All the results of this article are obtained with a minimum number of dances with a tambourine or shamanism in the settings, rather, on the contrary, easily and naturally.

    What and you want.

    Those who want to confirm something, refute or clarify for themselves, I do not see that you can be stopped.

    Those who want to invite me to similar tests or settings, similarly.

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