VKontakte calculates your location by IP

    November 19, 2018 social network vk.com gave users the opportunity to download an archive with all the data about them available to the social network. After downloading my copy of this archive, in addition to the data that I expected to see there, I found that VKontakte knows two of my home addresses with an accuracy of 5 meters.

    I never in my life gave access to the location of either the Vkontakte IOS application or the vk.com website in the browser.


    One of the addresses was defined as “Work / study”, but in fact this is just my second apartment. Which, by the way, appeared in my life only about 3 months ago.

    I was curious where I blundered so much that such data flowed from under my nose. With this question, I turned to support vk.com. It turns out that it's all about my IP.

    Under the cut screen correspondence.

    Here is such a merry Christmas story :)

    And how do you think, how did vk.com know where I live, without access to my geo-location on devices? And have you found anything extra in your archives?

    The only mobile device on iOS, I use the official app vk.
    The only laptop on Mac OS, I use the site vk.com in the Chrome browser, and their official Vk Messenger.

    UPD By

    common efforts from 1c80 we found out that everything is a bit more prosaic. If you ordered your food in the Delivery Club, the delivery addresses automatically merge into Vkontakte. And you agree to this upon delivery.

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