bitContainer (for food) - self-made Yandex. Station

Yesterday in the chat at work they offered discounts on Yandex station. I looked at the usual price - 9900.

In general, I do not need it.


And since the Orange PI PC, bought for 700 rubles for Aliexpress, was idle, I decided to assemble my Station, or rather “bitContainer for food”.

I bought a 10th grade flash drive for lunch at 399 rubles.

Filled straight into the lunch on a flash drive software Zidoo X1 v1.0.21 - downloaded the image from here .


At home I put everything together - a flash drive in the Orange PI PC (the board itself was used before - so the case was already adapted - a container for food, and a cooler)

In order for Yandex Container to be mobile - it connected the Orange Pi PC to the router, and the router to home wifi.

To display the image and sound, either an HD monitor or a cheap Chinese projector is used. We connect them with an hdmi cable. As you can see, 4 wires are connected to the board - power, hdmi, Ethernet, mouse. Turn on, install the Yandex application from Google Play. We configure in the parameters of Google assistant.

It all starts with the fact that with the voice we launch Assistant Google - Okay Google, Then with Yandex, with the secret phrase Turn Yandex on, Yandex and Alice start. And then we give commands to Alice.

What are the differences - the price of 1000 rubles to 10,000.

  • There is sound - Video / audio output so you can connect speakers or an audio system (I don’t know, I have not tried it), speakers, woofers, etc. are built into Yandex station.
  • Video - both there and there HDMI, but in the Container there is also Video out - so you can connect your grandmother’s TV with tulips (I have not tried it) - and this is a plus.
  • Internet cable vs wifi in the station. Naturally we are for the cable. (There are expansion cards and Wifi can be added, but this is not aesthetically pleasing)
  • 3! USB input means a mouse, a mouse (for the second hand), a flash drive with movies - Yandex Station does not have USB.
  • Container Iron: 4-core Allwinner H3 processor, 1Gb RAM and Mali-400MP2 600MHz GPU, I won’t give you a hint at the Station - I heard that there is also 1Gb RAM there.
  • In the container full-fledged Android - tired? you can break everything and install another OS.
  • 6 microphones in the Station against the pitiful 1st in the Container, you have to shout at point-blank - Alice mode is 70+ years old.
  • Video by the way does not slow down - neither iptv, nor the series in Yandex. I don't know about the station.
  • On the Container, you can mine Crypt, download torrents (therefore bit) ... naturally, the Station cannot do that.

So, you can spend 10,000 rubles to wait, do not know how much and get a cool, stylish gadget. And you can order a board, a cooler, an HDMI cable, get the power supply from the HTC phone, a bunch of wires, wash the container for food, and wait until you don’t know how many boards to collect all this monster in one evening. And, even for the flash drive to run.

PS: it remains to wind up the blue tape The container to the columns Sven - on one Projector, on the other Container - you get a mega-hyper-ultra Apparatus.

Since the microphone is not sensitive, I would advise you to glue the cut neck from the bottle to the body and give commands to the button (a la horn).


Either on the screw to the monitor from behind - at least it will hide all this horror ...

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