Choosing a data center in St. Petersburg, practical experience in choosing


    Friends, good afternoon!

    A bit of rhetoric: In the life of not only every IT specialist, head of an IT department, but also a business owner, the QUESTION arises - where to place the servers, computing equipment, storage systems? Use a “home-made” data center, select an angle for several standing servers, or transport everything to a data center. In the current story, I will not generally address the issue of the need to choose the need for placement in a commercial data center, but only help a little with the choice of opening the curtain with pitfalls (marketing works well, and at the first stage, believe me, any of the following will only wave your hands, which he's the best).

    IMPORTANT: There is no advertising here, it is solely my subjective opinion, based on a long analysis of the available offers, communication experience, an examination of the data centers directly and analysis of the information received in order to prepare the move to the commercial data center of my own organization.

    By the nature of my activity, I often participate in a wide variety of projects - from infrastructure projects in the field of information technology to projects for the implementation of new information systems. A little background: It was like this, one fine summer day, they called me and my colleague in the unit to the meeting room. Goosebumps, what happened, what's the problem? !!! No, such questions didn’t arise in my head) The news was dumbfounded - mentally and physically getting ready to move from a comfortable business center. WtfI think !! ?? Considering that not even a couple of weeks have passed since the entire business center “buried” one and a half kilometers of optical cable connected with the complete modernization of the network infrastructure. What does moving mean? For most ordinary people, this is associated with the transport of boxes, tables and chairs. But in IT, I was thinking about moving the already equipped data center, with 2 power inputs, with redundancy for cooling, moving server cabinets and then transferring inputs from providers (at this point, I pointed out, because one of the following data centers belongs to he decided to be a monopoly provider and not let alternative providers in himself :-)). But if it is necessary, then it is necessary.

    Actually, about the development of one of the areas of potential relocation, I want to tell you - the placement of server equipment in a commercial data center. (Once again I’ll move away from the story and announce my territorial affiliation - St. Petersburg. Although this material can help not only with the primary location in the data center, but also with the choice of a backup data center like SPB or from another, for example, a backup data center for Moscow digging )

    As candidates for consideration, data centers of St. Petersburg were selected from the top ten in terms of area and racks placed.

    The list includes:

    - SDN “Xelent” (Vyborg highway, d.503, building 12)
    - LinkTelecom (Repishcheva St., 20A)
    - Selectel (Flower 21)
    - OBIT (Zastavskaya St., 33)
    - IMAQLIQ (Sedova St., 11B)
    - WestCall (Galerny proezd, 3)
    - Miran (Pirogovskaya naberezhnaya, 17, k.7)

    When considering the candidates, the following requirements were made:

    • Data Center Level
    • The owner of the building (premises) in which the data center is located
    • Data Center Area
    • Availability of diesel generator set, power, operating time without refueling
    • Availability of UPS, battery life, redundancy level;
    • The presence of an automatic fire extinguishing system
    • The presence of a fire alarm system
    • Availability of access control system;
    • The presence of a video surveillance system;
    • Access to the site
    • The number of specialists and engineers present at the site during working and non-working hours
    • Providing KVM Console
    • Location of the data center, ease of access
    • Present Providers
    • Price

    Part of the data centers was eliminated at the initial stage:

    1. Selectel (an extremely non-client-oriented data center, they didn’t want to communicate in any way "live", they indicated the price in TRX for the required parameters (provided that the average market offer It was 30-40% lower), ask other questions by letter)
    Running a little ahead, this data center nevertheless got into the list of potential applicants, but only thanks to the perseverance of one of the main telecommunication providers that provides telecommunication services.

    2. HABITAT st. Zastavskaya, d.33. (refused to let other providers in their data center)
    If you want to move to a data center without changing your carrier .... You are clearly in the opposite direction.

    Let's go

    IMAQLIQ Data Center (Sedova St., 11B)

    The IMAQLIQ data center has a TIER III reliability level, located in the industrial area, on Sedova Street. It has an area of ​​360 square meters. m. for 150 racks. Transport accessibility at the data center is good, convenient entry, large parking. The room is owned, the data center is sold on the territory of the former warehouse. 42U racks are installed in the server room, there are rooms for working with equipment, racks for spare parts and accessories.

    As pluses I can attribute good transport accessibility, free provision of an Internet channel, comfortable accommodation in a data center.
    Of the minuses: 42U racks, in each rack, by default, 3U per meter and power supply are occupied, lack of PDUs (network pilots are installed). I can also say that this is such a “home or family” data center, it is pleasant, comfortable, but only for its level.

    Key Features of IMAQLIQ Data Center:

    • Two independent power input via ABP system. Each input is 1 MW. Design and physical reserve for capacity expansion up to 800 kVA.
    • Two centralized, redundant UPSs, power 400 kVA. Design and physical ability to expand to 1 MVA.
    • Ventilation and air conditioning are carried out with the upper air flow through the system of hot and cold corridors.
    • 800 kVA diesel generator
    • The first phase was launched, a 360 m2 hall with 150 racks 42U
    • Current occupancy 50%
    • Warehouses with equipped unloading loading area.
    • Own parking for 70 cars.
    • Administrative office section

    Server Cabinets

    Power supply

    Holy of Holies, management and monitoring, but modestly. Highly.

    Data center WestCall (Galerny proezd, 3)

        The WestCall data center is located on the territory of the Nevsky Design Bureau. In the same room is the head office of WestCall. The data center consists of 3 engine rooms distributed across the territory and floors. The new engine room is modern, with raised floors, branded racks. Access to the machine room is through the territory of the courtyard, which is not very convenient since he is dressed from the administrative building (I can imagine how it was in the winter, he went to the manager, said hello, undressed, went to his office = again the dressing-undressing cycle). There is no private parking, which creates additional difficulties. Elementary amenities like a coffee zone, a wardrobe and a room for commissioning with server equipment also did not fall into sight. From the positive, I can note the price - a little lower than the market and customer focus (inviting with all the possibilities). Of the minuses - the territory is not owned, the configuration of the building and its premises do not meet modern requirements for data centers, in terms of comfortable working convenience - the availability of equipped areas for working with equipment, cabinets for spare parts and just a wardrobe - are absent.

    Key Features of WestCall Data Center

    • Parameter / Data Center Class (level) WestCall Data Center
    • Type of building Freestanding
    • Number of power inputs Two independent electrical inputs
    • N + 1 Component Redundancy Scheme
    • Initial power based on W per m2 480-630
    • Maximum power W per m2 1615+
    • Uninterrupted air conditioning
    • Standard load on the raised floor, kg per sq.m. 732+
    • The total duration of failures per year, hours Without accidents
    • Data Center Availability 99.995%
    • Service 24 hour shift shift

    New engine room

    Without fire extinguishing anywhere, only these cylinders should be carried outside the perimeter of the engine room.

    LinkTelecom Data Center (Repishcheva St., 20A)

    The Linxdatacenter data center room is rented in the business center. The data center is located in the industrial zone, but easy to get, there is a large parking lot for visitors to the shopping center. The Linxdatacenter data center has Dutch roots. Of the interesting solutions - its own gas piston substation and complete independence from urban electricity. At the same time, there is a separate input from the city, pickup batteries and diesel in case of gas interruptions. Great emphasis is placed on safety. Certification according to the PCI DSS standard (Internationally recognized security standard for the payment card industry. It guarantees the reliability of the physical security of the data center) is especially positioned, although this certificate is also present in other data centers - it is emphasized here. From fingerprint verification,

    In Linxdatacenter, you can immediately see that the approach to organizing the business process of placing server racks is serious, the mouse will not slip. I especially liked the room for working with equipment before installing it or for carrying out technological work, there is a large one, there is the necessary tool, crossed p / p will allow switching from the equipment in the cabinets. Nicely. Convenient area of ​​work and rest. There are major major providers.

    Key Features of Linxdatacenter Data Center:

    • The total area of ​​9000 square meters. m
    • Total power 12mW
    • TIER 3 Reliability Level
    • Ventilation and air conditioning are carried out with the upper air flow through the system of hot and cold corridors.
    • Autonomous gas piston station
    • 2 machine rooms for 1000 racks 48U
    • Claim conditioners, 2N redundancy scheme

    Only 2 photos can be taken at Linxdatacenter.


    And allowed a photograph of the technical room for working with the equipment during the preparation of it for installation or maintenance. This workplace stands out from the competition. Here it is possible to cross-connect not only copper from its rack, but also optics. There is a whole range of necessary tools, so the excuse “I forgot the crimp or screwdriver” will not work for work.

    Miran (Pirogovskaya embankment, d.17, building 7)

    The Miran data center is located near the city center, in the industrial zone and it consists of 2 independent parts with independent management, monitoring and maintenance. The first part is a classic data center, in a building on the ground floors of which locksmith workshops and service station boxes are equipped !!! The access to the data center is quite difficult, but the departure from the data center is even more difficult. Parking space is also not a strong point, and an even weaker side is to leave this data center if you use personal or corporate transport. Believe me, of all the surveyed data centers, here the most sad situation. The number of telecom operators is impressive - almost everything is possible. In the classic data center rack 42U, in the modular 48U, but the modular data center imposes significant restrictions on free space, the hot corridor is small. Modules are specially welded two-story containers. On the first floor there are racks, air conditioning units and a fire extinguishing system, on the second - power unit, UPS. From the point of view of the economic component and the price-quality ratio, an option is quite acceptable, but the location, appearance and ease of working with equipment and the availability of comfortable conditions are not a strong point of this data center. This is probably the only data center in which I met a real “zoo” as in infrastructure - each machine room has its own rules) Somewhere there are fully implemented hot-cold From the point of view of the economic component and the price-quality ratio, an option is quite acceptable, but the location, appearance and ease of working with equipment and the availability of comfortable conditions are not a strong point of this data center. This is probably the only data center in which I met a real “zoo” as in infrastructure - each machine room has its own rules) Somewhere there are fully implemented hot-cold From the point of view of the economic component and the price-quality ratio, an option is quite acceptable, but the location, appearance and ease of working with equipment and the availability of comfortable conditions are not a strong point of this data center. This is probably the only data center in which I met a real “zoo” as in infrastructure - each machine room has its own rules) Somewhere there are fully implemented hot-cold
    corridors, somewhere there is a raised floor, somewhere the same server cabinets ... well, somewhere not (

    Basic characteristics of the Miran data center:

    • The name of the Miran-1 data center
    • Location Location St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya nab. 17 bldg 7A
    • Year of commissioning 2010
    • Matching Tier Tier3
    • The total area of ​​the data center is 500 sq.m.
    • The total area of ​​server rooms is 250 sq.m.
    • Total number of server cabinets 135
    • The total capacity of the data center is 1 MVA
    • Mid-annual PUE 01.Apr
    • The number of electrical inputs from the city Two independent feeders 10 kV
    • Reserve DGU 1 Cummins DGU 703 kW in winter
    • Operating time at DGU without refueling 20 hours
    • Fuel delivery time in 4 hours, agreement with the fuel company
    • Quarterly Fuel Examination Yes
    • Size of used cabinets 42U / 47U, 600 x 1000 mm
    • Ability to install custom cabinets Yes
    • Uniflair precision air conditioning system
    • Air conditioning redundancy N + 1
    • Temperature in the cold corridor + 22 ± 2 ° С
    • Humidity in a cold corridor no more than 60%
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies Four General Electric UPSs of 250 kVA each
    • UPS uptime at full load for at least 8 minutes
    • Power Redundancy N + 1
    • Number of electrical inputs to the cabinet Two independent inputs to the cabinet
    • Type of PDU used Two zeroU APC, sockets C13, C19
    • Fire extinguishing system Automatic gas system
    • Video surveillance around the clock, in accordance with PCI DSS
    • Round-the-clock protection by police
    • Dispatching system Monitoring, accounting and management of all

    A few photos:

    SDN “Xelent” (Vyborg highway, d.503, building 12)

    Xelent (formerly SDN), the largest data center in the North-West region of Russia, provides DC outsourcing services: from equipment rental and transportation of IT systems to solutions for the development of cloud infrastructure. Xelent is a data center with 1476 racks with an estimated load of up to 20 kW per rack on average and with a total capacity of 14 mW, the design area of ​​technological rooms is 6500 m2. The project was completed taking into account the requirements for Tier III. The data center is located at St. Petersburg, Vyborgskoye Shosse, d. 503, bldg. 12, has its own parking, fenced area and convenient access. Yes, he is in the north of the city, but the proximity to the exit from the Ring Road eliminates this. Of all the data centers listed above - this is the only (apart from modular) that was designed and built specifically for the data center with all the attendant features. Land and building are owned. The data center contains 9 modules, 8 DIBPs with direct diesel support of 1.6 MW each. Uninterruptible power supply system N + 2 (7.6 MW), cooling system N + 2 (7.8 MW). In my opinion, this data center is one of the most reserved of the above. The data center is equipped with all the necessary tools for comfortable work and maintenance of computer technology. And this is the only data center where I was immediately shown portable respiratory sources in case of fire fighting, located around the entire perimeter of the data center.

    The number of uninterrupted power supply cells is impressive / Take a closer look, each module is one cell.

    Your servers are always under reliable protection.

    Selectel Flower 21

     About getting this data center on the list for a potential choice, I wrote a little higher.
    Selectel is a Russian hosting provider, owner of a network of six data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the village of Nevskaya Dubrovka, Leningrad Region. The company was founded by former VKontakte investors, and as I said during the tour, this is the first data center built for VKontakte. In 2010, Selectel launched the first cloud service - dedicated servers. Today, rack rental is not the main business of the company, the main one is resource rental. The “Flower 2” complex includes two buildings: the main one, a four-story building and an adjacent one-story building. Its area is 12 thousand m2. The company provides an opportunity to place equipment, rent 47U server racks or allocated space in the server room. Services are provided at the site of the Tier III data center.

    Uninterruptible power supplies, 3 N + 1 diesel generators, chillers, automatic gas fire extinguishing system, PCI DSS certification, TIER III certified

    The organization of server rack placement is similar to other data centers. In 3 engine rooms, where he inspected in case of fire extinguishing, he found only 1 gas mask. (In one room, they looked for a similar gas mask together with a data center representative, but did not find it). Places for preparing server equipment were just in the corridor, a table with equipment for connecting to the servers, to put it mildly, falling apart. Of the minuses: 47U racks, in each rack, by default, 3U per meter and power supply are occupied, lack of PDUs (network pilots are installed). The minus is quite significant. In addition, when asked about the indexation of the electricity tariff, I was informed that according to the agreement it can be changed at least every month, and the upper bar is about 15%. Considering, that competing providers have a rate at the inflation level or established by the Sales Company is also a negative point. Well, as a cherry, I was directly told, the colocation service is not a priority, so you should not expect significant concessions. So that's it.

    • Main characteristics:
    • St. Petersburg, st. Flower, d.19.
    • Total area - 14270 m².
    • The area of ​​server rooms is 2,450 m².
    • The number of server racks is 1200.
    • Power DC, KVA - 2400.

    In the comparison table, I will leave only the price parameter open. (since other parameters for can be interpreted subjectively, and are important exclusively in a specific situation). In this case, I will indicate the relative price and the percentage change in relation to other offers. I will consider the minimum offer at 100%.

      What I want to say in conclusion

    Based on the foregoing, I personally suggested in my specific situation, taking into account the input from the business, to consider the options for placing server equipment in the data center in St. Petersburg in LinkTelecom or Xelent. These are the largest data centers in St. Petersburg; they have the best redundancy for power and cooling. If you look from the point of view of convenience - Xelent provides a greater number of additional options (for example, free placement of passive equipment above the rack), in addition, from the point of view of reliability, Xelent is designed specifically for the tasks of the data center, the territory is owned, but located slightly further than the other data centers, with It has a convenient staircase. Moreover, the data center offers the conclusion of a long contract of 3-5 years, which will allow forecasting costs and fixing the subscription fee for renting racks (price changes are allowed only for electricity, by an amount changed by the Petersburg Sales Company). The LinkTelecom data center is simply “crazy” about security by logging in with a fingerprint scanner + magnetic card), although it and Xelent comply with PCI DSS standards.

    The main thing is that there is a choice. If the stars converge and my organization moves to the data center, then this is the topic of a separate article.

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