What to read. List of Russian-language fiction for 2017 and 2018

    Review of Russian-language fiction, over the past two years. The list got the best work to my taste in the 2017-2018 year.
    Here is the previous article for 2010-2016.

    Short list

    Phoenician merchant Uncertainty principle
    Author's abstract: Philosophical-adventure fan fiction about hitting the Star Wars universe. The story of finding your place in a strange and unfamiliar universe. Given the dualism of this universe, its mysticism and deep symbolism, as well as the eternal conflict of the Orders and parties of the Force - these are the best scenery for the issues under consideration. In such cases, they write - "careful philosophy." Also, the reader is waiting for smuggling, space and everything connected with them.
    The author managed to describe a huge high-tech world. Star Wars World, this is a galaxy with a millennial history. Virtually all the works and authors on SW could not convey the sensations of a truly vast world, because it seriously affects the economy, trade, culture and cultural differences.
    The second feature is philosophy, and there really is a lot of it. The author goes deep into the themes of thinking, goals, and the meaning of life.
    The downside is the volume, and it could not be otherwise, a huge world, a deep rehash of ideas. The author harnesses slowly, and takes them far away.

    MaxKitsch Big House
    Vigorous mixture of humor and horror. Fan fiction on Prostokvashino, with the use of the occult. The occult is good here, with dozens of links and good horror. And all this is performed by characters from Prostokvashino. It turned out great.
    At first, this is a great humor, you sit and laugh, laugh and then BAM! instead of the expected laughter, high-quality horror. Dissonance tears emotions and gives interesting sensations.

    These two works, I definitely recommend. If you are strangers to them, start with them.

    The list is longer

    Corax In the gloomy darkness of the
    Warhammer 40k, one of the best works on the 40-thousandth in the Russian-language Internet. Quality pathos and overcoming. For those who know the "back", will not become a heresy, and those who do not know can get acquainted with the universe.

    JCElliot Nova Prospect
    Crossover Deus Ex and The Witcher. Ciri and the elves stalking her in the cyberpunk world Human Revolution. The author managed to write the correct cyberpunk and characters. If you love these universes, be sure to take a look.

    Plotnikov Sergey Citizen
    Author known and writing a lot, writes a new series (4 books already). An interesting and diverse world, carefully written economy, culture and sociology.

    Reader undeveloped
    Popadanets at the very beginning of the Civil War, is written with a large number of historical materials, a lot of photos of the era and historical references.

    Leonenko Oliver Dmitrievich Insult An
    unnatural mixture of patriotic action movie and solid space science fiction. As nf is hard and has some new ideas. As a fighter, he has good scenes of battles with HEX Aliens and bad patriotism. The best, he is the worst representative of the genre of solid NF in the ru segment, for these two years.

    Polyakova Margarita Sergeevna Under the sail of Fortune . The easy and relaxed thing about pirates. Going to the Caribbean, and that says it all.

    Non-dry, but with large additions or continued.

    Syromyatnikova Irina , Added a series of books "My Life". The series is over, the dots are set.
    Andrei Koschienko , Returned to work on "Alien skin".
    The worm, John McCray , the translation reached the 29 arch, almost finished.


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