Digital events in Moscow from December 24 to 30

    Final selection of events in Moscow in 2018:


    How to set goals for 2019 and achieve them

    • December 25 (Tuesday)
    • Khokhlovsky lane, 7-9s2 entrance 3
    • is free
    • Brainify and Impact Hub Moscow invite you to a New Year's Eve breakfast on setting goals. Participation is free.

    Drunk Lecturer: Alice Taezhnaya talks about falling in love

    • December 25 (Tuesday)
    • Milyutinsky lane 15с1
    • is free
    • How does it work? The lecturer sits in front of you with a full bottle of wine and tells cool and interesting stories on the topic: shows a video, sets music, reads poems and stories, shares personal experience, talks about movies and dreams, gets drunk and sings. When the bottle of red ends, the lecture ends. Admission is free, but the lecturer can leave a tip in the hat, if it was a good evening, and the stories were not in vain. What will be the lecture about falling in love? About how addicted film characters and literary characters, about how love is written in poems and fairy tales, make a video on the phone and compose songs. How to deal with it, if it is sad and non-reciprocal. How to survive it and keep life under the slope, if it is mutual. About how falling in love becomes an obsession and a hormonal explosion. In general, a bottle of wine is enough. This no one else will tell you and will not show. Tuesday, I am in love!

    Business breakfast Alytics 25.12

    • December 25 (Tuesday)
    • Myasnitskaya 24 / 7s3
    • is free
    • On December 25, a business breakfast on end-to-end analytics will be held in Moscow. Only for those who plan to implement end-to-end analytics.
      Main topics: How to build end-to-end analytics? What tools are needed and how to set them up correctly? How to optimize the advertising budget with end-to-end analytics? Which KPI to focus on? How to make the right optimization decisions?
      Speakers: Alexander Egorov - managing partner of the end-to-end analytics service Alytics, speaker of top conferences. Practitioner with experience in internet marketing for 12 years.
      Ilya Makarov - CEO of Alytics. Expert in sales and CRM.
      Not a lot of places, do not miss. Participation is free. Registration is currently open.

    Why Pitch for Silicon Valley Insiders?

    • December 26 (Wednesday)
    • Passion Boulevard 12/1
    • 1,000 p.
    • Why Pitch for Silicon Valley Insiders? As part of the Learning Lunches in Yellow door.
      • How to make a pitch for an investor to want to listen to you?
      • How to create 30 seconds that will decide your life.
      • Let's try on investor's shoes or how not to get tangled in laces.

    MAD in British: protection of the module "Product"

    • December 28 (Friday)
    • Lower Syromyatnicheskaya 10s3
    • is free
    • Students will present and discuss with invited experts the results of the first semester - personal concepts of mobile applications performed within the framework of the “Product” module. A total of 18 projects for each of which designers have developed a MVP concierge, a wireframe map, an interactive prototype, a screen map, a UI kit, a presentation, and a landing-page.

    Open viewing Lab poster (curated by Yuri Gulitov)

    • December 28 (Friday)
    • Malaya Pionerskaya 12
    • is free
    • On December 28, at 15:10, we invite you to an open viewing of the Poster Lab (curated by Yuri Gulitov), ​​in which third-year undergraduate students will present their posters as part of the poster series and first-year postgraduate courses of the Art Direction profile.

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